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Hello world!

Posted by Sports Snob on July 7, 2006

Sports. What a great reason to blog! We are three young men from India who have been great friends since 2001.

Sports has been one of the favourite topics of discussion over the past 4 years (besides Van Gogh, Energy Trading, Eco, Adam Smith and ofcourse existentialism. yeah, right!) and here you will find our opinions on just about everything related to Sports, from Federer to KPS Gill, from Bryant to Venugopal and from Koizumi? to Messi.
We have some definite ideas about where we want this blog to head. Some of us (read one) is in it for the money, though I dont know how he plans to raise it!
Chances are this blog is going to die a natural death in 15 days. Watch this space!

Funny, this blog starts at the fag end of the greatest show on earth.



2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Tharunya said

    chumma. first post first comment wanting putting.
    plus i probably won’t be a regular seeing as how clueless I am. 😀

  2. Tharunya said

    “Chances are this blog is going to die a natural death in 15 days”
    Well, boys? More than four months here and 17,366 hits (Perhaps five of which are me. heh.)

    These are the kinds of statements you make hoping against hope that you’re wrong.
    Well done y’all. 😀

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