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And now for a real Post!

Posted by Sports Snob on July 8, 2006

Well, I have to agree with my friend. This blog will probably drift away in a few weeks, but I have resolved to to keep it in circulation. And to hell with money 🙂 we are involved not because its particularly rewarding but its something we love to do- To write about sports. No mercenaries here……speaking of whom we come to the next topic, Football.

Juve seems to be in major shit alley. It looks certain that the turin giants will probably be stripped of their titles from the last two years and may have to take their butts to the lower leagues in Italy…… What this does to the average club fan is that it throws up a list of potential transfers. Considering that not many Juventus fans exist (ref: fan turnout at home games) this will be an interesting time for footie fans. The prospect of Buffon, Cannavaro and Zlatan plying their trades at a different club was not a realistic thought a few months back. But that’s before this whole mess exploded. For the uninformed, it started when one Luciano Moggi, a much talked about bureaucrat in Juventus , decided to get a bit too involved. He would talk to higher ups in italy to decide which refs officiated Juve’s games. Obviously a big check waited for these fortunate refs. There were rumors doing the rounds that Juventus were being favored. You could see it for yourself. The number of last gasp penalties they got in several matches was evidence for these conspiracy theories. But Luciano Moggi forgot one thing – Big brother is always watching. (Lesson: when perpetrating fraud, use a cell Phone!!!) Phone taps exposed his involvement in fixing matches. But he wasn’t alone. Fellow conspirators at Lazio, Fiorentina and Milan have been indicted as well. They too were guilty of match fixing, but to a lesser degree. The whole scandal was called calciopoli in the Italian press and when it came to light it prompted the resignation of Moggi and his cronies at Juve.

Moggi’s life has taken a downward spiral since. A year ago he was drawing praise for his role in getting Patrick Vieira to Juventus. Now he is the butt of jokes of the Italian media and may soon have to do serious time. How the Mighty have fallen?! The prosecution claims that it is an open and shut case, with the evidence so compelling that the defense has pled for a demotion to Serie B. The prosecution however is insistent that they go down one more level. IMO, they do deserve to get the boot and as for Moggi, well, you reap what u sow and a few laps in a maximum security prison will do that turd a lot of good.

But there seems to be euphoria in Italy after the performances of the national team. It is likely to temper the judgement. I hope not. The guilty need to be punished and it’s the only way to wipe out the filth from the beautiful game.



2 Responses to “And now for a real Post!”

  1. uRmad said

    All da besties folks. Posts look interesting, although I am quite sure my k(no)wledge of the game leaves lot to be desired of 😉
    @P do I know the others here?

  2. Z said

    na..these are guys from more will join soon!

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