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“Half man” finally comes good!

Posted by Sports Snob on July 9, 2006


Well, I am sorry if the title is derogatory but those aren’t my words, those are of Martina Hingis (who had observed this about Mauresmo way back in 1999) Like many a intelligent celebrity, Hingis went on to deny the statement in-spite of being caught on tape.

But I digress; Mauresmo’s victory over Henin-Hardenne makes her the first French woman to win Wimbledon in 81 years. More important, it finally puts to rest all the doubts about her ability to beat her nerves. The eternal bridesmaid at the grandslams, she has made innumerable Semifinals , usually losing to the eventual champion. Her first grandslam came at this years Australian Open after her opponent in the final (Henin again) defaulted due to injury.

But the reason I am blogging about Mauresmo is that she is probably the only successful (publicly) homosexual sportsperson in action (discounting Navratilova). I cannot think of too many other homosexual players from the past either. Coming out of the closet at the age of 19 in the same 1999 Australian Open must have been tough, considering the fact that Navratilova herself never received sponsorship and endorsement commensurate with her status till she retired.

Anyway, the fact is that we will NEVER probably see a footballer or a Basketball superstar coming out of the closet. Something about the whole concept of naked men in showers and physical contact with gay men is set to make many a man uncomfortable. Rugby is worse, thirty sweaty men jumping on top of each other and also the scrum!
Will be interesting to see what happens if a Ronaldinho or a Kaka comes out of the closet.



I watched portions of the match and honestly, Mauresmo showed no hint of nerves and seems a highly improved and strong player. In the final set, she was hitting such fine first serves. Not too many variations but when you hit them wide enough to get the opponent off-court, you don’t need variations!

And Henin, she fought all the way. The woman with the best backhand ever. She threw all she had at “Half Man”, her ripping backhand cross-courts and a really strong forehand – strengthened to counter the Williams sisters (Reminder: Post on how the Williams sisters changed women’s tennis). 

Well Played Amelie, a well-deserved victory.



One Response to ““Half man” finally comes good!”

  1. Catalan said

    Hey…shes one hot dyke.

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