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15 years of magic, one moment of madness and the fall from grace.

Posted by Sports Snob on July 10, 2006

Its 4 am and I cant sleep. I just witnessed a quite extraordinary world cup final which will forever be remembered as much for the penalty shootout as for a moment of lunacy from Zinedine Zidane. Hero for large parts of the game, never showing his age and kept even the famed italian defence guessing. Masterly and gutsy in the taking of a penalty. Not one player in the world would have the audacity to chip a penalty in a World Cup final. I could see the headlines. It was a script written in heaven. The penalty stemmed from the confidence in himself and also the belief that he could do no wrong. Some might use the word arrogance but then its Zidane, and he probably can deserve to be a little impudent. But that is where it ends. Being a great also gives you the burden of carrying the name and protecting your legacy, Im sorry Zizou you failed there. It was two seconds of his life that will probably flash across his mind forever. Im sure the world gasped when they saw the replay. He had issues with temper when he was at Turin. He would snap at the slightest of provocation. But surely they were in the past. This Zidane had matured and he was in his realm…..the greatest show on earth.


Im sure he regrets the incident, but no matter how grave the provocation, it was avoidable. He was up against a cunty and crappy defender in the irritant Materazi who would have been caught out several times if it werent for his better abled captain Fabio Cannavaro. but zidane took the bait that the wily italian had offered and he paid the ultimate price….. It was an ignominious way to end a career and the walk of shame compounded it. He could have found solace if Le bleu had a little more luck in the penalty shootout. But in keeping with the cruel nature of the game, it wasnt to be.

Zidane’s most avid fans would say that his incident had little bearing on the result , but until that moment of madness France had the initiative. the Italians were outplayed in the second half and most of Extra time. Until that moment, the French surely believed that destiny was on their side.

When all the prematch hype was about how the Magician from Marseille could leave a lasting impression, I never imagined it would be this way. I hope history remembers him for all the hours of jaw dropping football he had offered. The roulettes and the shimmies, the long range thunderbolts and the dipping freekicks. But history is never that kind.



20 Responses to “15 years of magic, one moment of madness and the fall from grace.”

  1. P said

    what the hell was zidane doing! What a way to go out. This is why football is so brilliant. Who could have expected this! Second half of extra time that too. His legacy will definitely be tarnished. A terrible last chapter in an otherwise brilliant career.

  2. Catalan said

    I have no idea….it was madness all the way..the adulation and press he received werent commensurate with his performances..lets face it..only in fleeting moments was he the zidane of the old. but fuck….how soccer fucks ppl….hero one second, villain the next… I LOVE THIS GAME….ITS LIFE!!!!!

  3. Raven said

    “He was up against a cunty and crappy defender in the irritant Materazi…”
    This is funny cuz no one noticed Materazzi pinchin Zidane’s nipple and callin him backstage after the match.
    Anyways if you thought this WC final was extraordinary then the thought is just naive. Absolutely no grandeur nor magnanimousness. just the so called modern day “tactical” football played just to win! Shame!

  4. HoH said

    The French team’s loss is an ironic ode to the great man himself for something tells me that after the disgrace of the red-card, the pain of victory would have been far more insurmountable to Zizou than the shame of defeat.

    And who I wonder is this familiar stranger?

  5. V said

    it was extraordinary not just for the football but for the incidents. I think it was definitely better than italia 90, The coma inducing Brazil italy match of 94, the one sided french victory of 98 and certainly better than ronaldo’s WC 2002. the end result irritates most of us, cos it was a victory for tactics over flair, gamesmanship over style and defence over attacking football.

  6. SoccerGuy said

    I just simply couldn’t digest the match. The Zidane headbutt, the penalty, basically everything. It’s just so difficult to comprehend all these, especially they happened during such a high-profile match.

    But I agree, though, that was the greatest show on earth.

  7. HoH said

    Here is some dope you will love to dig into


  8. Raven said

    smartboy, why are you pickin only the final of every world cup for comparison? This world cup as a whole doesnt even come close to any of the above-mentioned leave alone goals. Ah, maybe you meant the funny ways of FIFA in this WC who said “balls” to CRonaldo for winkin and divin but gave “ball” to Zidane for head-butting?
    Do i read you sayin the end-result was irritating but the ending which was eventful, extraordinary? hmmm, do i smell a contradiction?
    Btw, are u getting a clue who this is, prash? remember the wanker from dav?
    I like this blog! i am goin to be around for a while…so keep writing!!!
    and oh..WC2002 was not Ronaldo’s…it was the monkeys’ WC. korea/japan!

  9. No raven…u tend to over analyse.there is no contradiction here. the end result i meant was that the winner was a team that wasnt much liked. so does that mean it wasnt eventful??? I hated portugal for wining the england game. they were irritating.. but does that mean that the match was uneventful???? …… i think this wc was better than the prev edition. I have only three world cups to compare cause the WCs before that are a total blur


  10. Raven..ofcourse I remember you. But I am not V 🙂

    HOH- Seen those pics before. but I love the second response to the pics! —- “hey thats good analysis , i am a great fan of brazil but seeing this i am worried very much” HILARIOUS! Wonder what he is worried about 🙂

  11. Raven said

    snob, Winner wasnt liked? by who? you? your frenz? the whole world? dont make it sound too racist! who had a problem with events in the first place? anyways your point on being eventful and eventless is very subjective, so i cant argue. i noticed you saying it was extraordinary and irritating as well. it was just irritating. period. last world cup was a joke.i’ll rest the case.
    Btw, who tf is prashant here…i came here thru his profile.

  12. Raven, I’m not a snob…u dont even know me. , I thought it was a good world cup…. and for a 20 somthing fella u talk as tho u have seen abt 20 world cup finals. tell me one world cup final that u have seen which would better this?????!!! dont tell me u saw the Argies win in it 86…football fan since u were in yr nappies eh?!

    And as for the subjective part…yes it is. cos its a blog and these are my opinions.

    And here’s a primer for you, opposite of extraordinary isnt irritating.


    PS: prashanth is Z

  13. And obviously i’m comparing only the world cup finals cos i said that the final was extraordinary and not the tournament itself

    >>>> I just witnessed a quite extraordinary world cup final

  14. >>>>>and oh..WC2002 was not Ronaldo’s…it was the monkeys’ WC. korea/japan!

    Im a racist and u arent?????

  15. Raven said

    whatever happened to the concept of getting dvd’s of older WC’s. anyways u look really wound up and i dont wanna hit you with football that u didnt know about!
    V, monkeys world cup is a racist remark. deal with it! “nobody likes the italians” is like stabbing a knife at the back!
    Oh you wanna give me primers: here’s one for you too…the 20 something fella in me writes on football for a column and gets paid. The 20 something fella in you writes a poser blog and says i am over analysing. Anyways, like you said i donno who you are …sorry for wasting yer time…right then, i am off this place. I thought prashant writes here on football…peace fellas, keep writing!

  16. Hey Raven…Z here.. I would really like the link to the site ! You get paid for it? Wow!

  17. u get dvd’s and that makes u a know it all…..why dont u take that chelsea loving, glory hunting fucked up prick of yours outta here.

    Z, he writes for

    V(*hates to think of the economic fallout of Raven’s decision to quit this site*)

  18. Vignesh said

    @Raven:gettin paid for writing crap like this??, me me me, i too wanna write wherever u write.Sounds like easy money

    Dude,get a life! this is a blog and opinions are expressed, ther are can be no rite or wrong in an opinion. We can engage in meaningful debate but if u wanna insist u are the kno all and end all of all footballing knowledge then we wudnt particularly like u here
    Infact i wud gracefully ask u to “Fuck off”

    And how many dvds did u watch 50? 100? dont gimme that crap! we all know u dint watch em

  19. rupha said

    This wc was much better i agree.. But I hav to say that this head-butt by zidane has only made him more human.. and sadly ppl cannot accept that!! cos their players need to b gods!! but that doesn mean i hav no issues wit the head-butt.. i do. cos i don think stupid materazzi shd hav got away with the cup!
    the comments he made – “son of an islamic terrorist” (or something along those lines.. wow.. materazzi had nothin to lose.. and dint.. but zidane.. by just reacting heatedly did.. that’s sad..

  20. […] Number one Moment of the year has to be the infamous Zidane Headbutt. I’m sure the world gasped when television cameras […]

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