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A Round up!

Posted by Sports Snob on July 12, 2006

It’s been more than a day without soccer and it’s getting very painful. Have been experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms and I am desperately hoping to see off this month and then I would have club football to devour. Until then, We have to life off the transfer rumors and the calciopoli scandal. EPL will kick off mid August . A few weeks after that we will have Barcelona defend their la liga title against a ‘work in progress’ Real Madrid and a promising Valencia team.

Also Serie A will have a new look when it starts in September. Even in their good years, Serie A never drew the crowds but with the ongoing mess, I doubt if anyone barring Inter Milan will be looking forward to the next season.

The scandal hasn’t stopped Juve from making a foray into the transfer market with ex Chelsea pot head Adrian Mutu moving to Fiorentina for 5.5 Million Pounds and Valeri Bojinov moving in the opposite direction. The Bulgarian Bojinov, considered to be the biggest name in Bulgarian soccer after Hristo Stoichkov has failed to meet expectations at Fiorentina who had signed him for 9 milion quid a year ago.

In spain, Real Madrid Prez Calderon has insisted that Cesc, Kaka and Ruud are on their way. They seem to have cooled their interest in Robben, presumably they are not convinced by his age. 22??? are u kidding me….

Christiano Ronaldo, the scourge of the English is pleading to the Spanish giants(that’s Barca and Real to all you Valenciafans) to get him. Capello maybe the only person who can set this fellow straight. CR7 is possibly the most frustrating player in the world. Has the talent but Stepovers close to his corner flag and clearances for shots would annoy even Buddha…….Fab Cap has a lot of work to do. Unlikely CR will get a move to Barcelona with Rjkaard already having Leo Messi and Giuly in that Right wing postion. And Rjkaard will be wary of the Portuguese , having already had an uneasy relationship with a show pony in Ricardo Quaresma. Can u believe that the prick asked Laporta to choose between him and Rjkaard at the end of the 2004 season?

In england, Frank Ribery feels that he will prosper in the Arsenal setup. I think he is a very good player and who better to manage him than Arsene Wenger. Wenger is busy searching for replacements for the departing Sol Campbell(undecided) , Robert Pires(Villareal) and Bergkamp(retiring). He is also said to be bidding for Buffon, who prefers a move to Milan

A lot of developments on the Zidane headbutt and on how le bleu bleu it :-).. i wont go into the details. You could check it out at Sporting Life




6 Responses to “A Round up!”

  1. Tharunya said

    *sigh* I wish I understood all, nay, any, of that jargon.
    Lingo is delicious. As a clueless non-entity, I salute y’all.

  2. Tharunya- maybe this is a great time to learn ? 🙂

    V: Ribery will definitely fancy a move to Arsenal over United. CR will definitely move to Madrid.Hope RvN doesnt follow him out of Old Trafford. The guy has a good three years left in him !

    And Cannavaro to Madrid. Seems like Madrid are being linked to everybody. Typical.

    PS: This is what Leno had to say about the final: Italy won after France’s best player got ejected for head butting. That’s the closest anyone in a French uniform has come to combat in 60 years.

  3. Vanity's fair said

    A friend told me this…

    another leno joke.

    The reason Zidane got provoked is cos Materazzi said Zidane plays like an American. Very serious provocation indeed

  4. HoH said

    Just imagine India, Australia and England being relegated to the Fringe-nations cup and having to win it two times to qualify for the next world cup. Ludicrous

  5. HoH said

    Oops, the context was the possible relegation of Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina to Division 2 in Italy.

    Ludicrous – now??

  6. yeah, totally but well these guys deserved it! If JohnB, Chappell and Fletcher were caught cheating then I say these teams should be banned!

    Are you a Juve/Milan/Fiorentina/Lazio fan by any chance?!

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