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And down they go!

Posted by Sports Snob on July 16, 2006

Well, You can say they had it coming. Juventus have been relegated to the Serie B. Joining the unscrupulous cunts are Fiorentina and Lazio. Milan on the other hand have escaped demotion but have to contend with a 15 point deduction for the upcoming season and go without participation in the lucrative Champions League. However, they are confident of taking part in the less pretigious Uefa cup owing to Empoli’s lapse in registering for the Uefa tournament. How fortune favors the rich?! I really hope that this does not happen. The penalty given to these Italian teams does take a bit of sheen from the European tournaments but it was warranted, given the enormity of their offences. We were all lead to believe that Milan were as guilty as Fiorentina and Lazio, but obviously these two clubs don’t have a poltical kingpin to back them. The entire scandal was storm in a teacup for the vain Berlusconi, who is no stranger to controversy. The comparitively lenient verdict will also see them benefit in the Transfer market. Italians are known to be very insular and most of the juve bunch will prefer to move to rivals Milan rather than test waters abroad. I was hoping Barca would benefit from the fiasco, Zambrotta or Thuram would do wonders at the back for us. Its still possible but at the moment its either Real Madrid or Milan for these fallen heroes.

In other news, Ashley ‘swings both ways’ Cole still hasn’t decided what he wants to do. Its so typical of him to waver but by blackballing Wenger he might just have signed his transfer form. His wedding to Tweedy isn’t far away and the poor man’s Becks and Posh might feel that a move to a more glamorous club will do their bank balances a world of good.

I’m waiting for the transfer market to explode. It will sometime, right now its just the calm before the storm.

Tomorrow Z will post a quiz for the buzz starved folk.



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