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We want Jumbo!

Posted by Sports Snob on July 23, 2006

I have been a huge fan of the Dravid-Chappell partnership and what they have done for the Indian Cricket team. The way they have molded a young talented squad into a serious contender for the World Cup next year has been remarkable. Yes, there have been some potholes on the way- most notably the Ganguly saga and the failure to beat Pakistan and England in the test series.

One issue that continues to baffle me is Kumble’s continued absence from the squad. I cannot think of a better bowler than Kumble to be brought on when somebody like Gilchrist or a Pietersen is blazing away to glory. He is India’s best bowler and he has been doing very well of late. Plus, he has a great record in one day internationals.

I simply cannot understand how Kumble is being kept out of the squad by somebody like Powar. The talk is that Kumble is being held back because of his fielding. How do they justify Powar’s inclusion then? And Powar is no great champ with the bat either. Yes, I love the guy’s enthusiasm and his spirit but those are no reasons to find a place in the team! The Indian team has two good off-spinners in Harbhajan and Sehwag anyway. A third makes no sense.


Bring him back please! Give him a good run during the champions trophy. And get him on that plane to the West Indies and get him on the pitch. Otherwise, we might do another Argentina. (Remember when they had guys like Messi and Riquelme on the bench and ended up losing to Germany? No? Where were you earlier this month?!)

The challenge

The biggest challenge for Dravid and Chappell is going to be to decide the balance of the line up. Do they go with 5 batsman and Dhoni at Six and Pathan at 7? Or do they go in with the extra batsman in Raina and rotate the final ten overs between Sehwag, Yuvraj and Tendulkar? I hope we get this sorted out quickly and play our best team till the World Cup. Cricket is more a game of skill than tactics and giving away your plans does not matter as much as in say football.

This is probably our best chance of winning the world cup. The only teams I see mounting a challenge are Australia and Pakistan. But I think we can get past them. We don’t seem to have the morbid fear of Pakistan anymore. Beating Australia might be tough but I think we will nick it. England and West Indies have been poor. South Africa and New Zealand won’t go far. The Sri Lankans might do well but that depends on how their batting clicks and how the other teams play Muralitharan.This is probably our best chance of winning the World Cup and my gut instinct is that we are going to do it.




9 Responses to “We want Jumbo!”

  1. HoH said

    This world cup will signal the end of the road for many of India’s greats. The possibility of Sachin, Kumble, Dravid and Saurav making it to the next world cup is plausible but remote subject to their health, form and seprendipity. It is only fair that India wins this world cup so that the contribution of these greats can forever be etched in the memories of every cricket lover in the country and elsewhere in the world.

    That said, didn’t we just witness another great sport bidding farewell to many of its famed stars with nary a lagniappe.

    People move on but sport lives forever!!

  2. Yeah, thats true. These guys have made brilliant contributions to Indian cricket but somehow we have never clicked as a team. We have had some great moments- beating Pakistan in Pakistan, going to the final of WC-03 and also challenging Australia in Australia (how I wish we had won that!) but the WC would just be perfect icing for their careers!

  3. Sarath said

    Good to finally get to read this space. But objectively speaking as one who has merely seen the results and been away from viewing all cricket action for the past year, Im not certain if the results put us up as favourites for the tournament. But the world cup is itself a matter of winning two games. And in cricket unless we have a team as dominating as australia has been in the past its hard to call favourites. A lot will depend on the type of wickets and the weather..which always plays a big part in the carribean. And counting south africa out is not something I would do. Didnt they chase 430..?

  4. Yeah..wickets are now a lot slower in the Carribean and a score of 250 will easily be a winning score. The Indian team should do well.

    As for counting out the South Africans, they are in the process of rebuilding their team and somehow I feel they will not go the whole distance. expect them in the semis though.

  5. […] 3) Draft Kumble back. NOW. In fact I wrote about this quite extensively. Two spinners in the Carribean might seem a totally insane thing to do but just look at how part time spinners like Gayle and Samuels were effective earlier this year. if you are really interested- you could go here. […]

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  8. […] back in the international fray. Kumble has been doing well too, we had called for his inclusion way back in July. I hope to see these cricketers do well in 2007 and a win in the third test would be an auspicious […]

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