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How did they manage this!

Posted by Sports Snob on July 27, 2006

Goldsborough 2nd XI knew they were in for a tough match against Dishforth- leaders of the fourth division in the North Yorkshire Nidderdale league (4th division in North Yorkshire? that league has EIGHT divisions!) but after 12 overs, the scoreboard read 5 for 10 – with the 5 runs coming from 4 byes and one leg bye.

Thats right, not one batsman managed to score a run! The funny thing is that every single batsman got out caught, all of them did put bat on ball.


2 Responses to “How did they manage this!”

  1. Panchos said

    Are u serious.. Im sure a bunch of 5th graders can mangage atleast 1 run against the australian bowling lineup.. This is just amazing.. I cant beleive that even a single guy could not score a run.. I think there need to be more pitches like this in the world.. If a six of every ball is fascinating, I think a wicket every ball would be the only way you could top it… Great post guys..

  2. Hari said

    yes, and even more incredibly, the first 2 batsmen in the opposition also got out for ducks… we had twelve batsmen down and not one run off the bat!!!

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