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Posted by Sports Snob on August 8, 2006

There are two test matches entering day 5 today: in Headingley and in Colombo.

The contests are tantalisingly poised. Srilanka require 90 to beat SouthAfrica with 5 wickets in hand. Pakistan require 323 off 90 overs. The former will definitely have a result.



Srilanka beats SouthAfrica with Mahela Jayawardene making a century. If he is out with more than 60 runs left to win, SouthAfrica will be my favourites. On current form, I don’t quite see that happening.

Eng vs Pak is a trickier one. I would normally have picked a draw for that one. But, I am going to put my neck on the line and pick England as my favorites. And all credit for their victory will go to…

The comical Sardar will pick up atleast five and will earn his place in the English squad for the Ashes. If he can manage to get Inzamam and Yousuf, England will win with ease.

You don’t quite agree with my predictions? Let’s hear from you

I post this as the first over in the Srilanka match is being bowled.



Yay, got the first one right. Honestly, it was closer than I expected and I might have gone wrong if Jayawardene had gotten out even a few runs earlier.

Not too hopeful about the next one. Fingers crossed…


Update 2

England win quite easily in the end. Inzie is the last man out stumped Read off the bowling of Panesar. Read had a good match: 38, 55, 5 dismissals. And S. Mahmood picks up four. Panesar ended with three and I got my prediction wrong but he got Inzie and Younis, a good performance.

Pakistan have disappointed me: lasted just 47 overs and made only 155. Taken the pleasure out of the prediction!!!


6 Responses to “Photo-finish?”

  1. gab00n said

    Damn you Sri Lanka, we’ll get you next time. South Africa rules!!

  2. South Africa, well the current team doesn’t have too many players who’ll give an opposition any sleepless nights.
    Gibbs, Boucher… maybe Ntini on his day. DeVilliers, Rudolph are still not perceived as major threats… atleast not by Murali 🙂

  3. haha! bloody close result Prof. SL won with one wicket to spare ! 🙂 And Pakistan in trouble. I think England will nick that one.


  4. Panchos said

    Good predictions.. now that we know the results.. Maybe next time, these posts could be updated a little earlier.. Gives someone like me a chance to write somethin here..

  5. @Panchos: Will do next time. As I had mentioned, I was wondering what would happen and just before play started in the morning, I decided to make my predictions.
    Next time I will try to make guesses the night atleast twelve hours before start of play


  6. Panchos said

    Will be looking forward to it…

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