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Terror in Colombo

Posted by Sports Snob on August 15, 2006

August, heavy rains, Colombo, no play. The match was washed out. SriLankans must be cursing their luck- an easy win in the pocket. The match may be played tomorrow but then things are in doubt owing to the terror attack near the Indian team’s hotel. Bigger things are happening, people are dying and sport rightfully takes a back-seat. I don’t think any cricketer on the field today would’ve been celebrating that wicket, that exquisite shot because people realize at some level, that sport is just that.

I was just wondering: what is the right thing for the visiting country board to do in this situation? Is it to allay the fears of the players, calm them and show the terrorists that civilization won’t fear them (and continue to play)? Or is it to ensure that the players’ concerns (if any) are heeded and they are brought back home? After all, they aren’t paid to risk their lives.

If I was the South African board chief, I would call it off if my players were reluctant as my duty is to them as much as it is to the game. Also, worried players don’t necessarily produce attractive cricket. Though at this level people must keep these things off the field- but then, what would you do if you were fearing for life?

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