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Predictions – English Premier League

Posted by Sports Snob on August 18, 2006

Well, its finally here. The start of the new season. It doesn’t seem like too long back that Chelsea hammered United to seal the premier league title. After one glorious World Cup, we are back to club football!

The EPL starts this weekend and here are our predictions for the top 5 positions this year. Maybe V and I can go through (and possibly revise) these predictions during Christmas.

#5 Tottenham Hotspur

Strengths: Strong team spirit and good depth

Weaknesses: Too many squad players

Despite two great buys in the transfer market- Zokora and Berbatov, I don’t see Tottenham breaking into the top 4 this season. I don’t know why! Maybe we have just gotten used to seeing Tottenham **** up every single season.

#4: Arsenal:


Strengths: Thierry Henry, Young Squad, Great manager

Weaknesses: Lack of depth and too much depends on one man.

Just don’t see Arsenal doing too much this season. They will easily beat the bottom half teams thanks to goals from Henry. Will struggle against the top teams. They haven’t addressed their problem at the centre of defence or in the strikers and their midfielders role. Let’s see if Wenger can spring another surprise. Will end up 4th and will struggle in Europe.
#3 Manchester United


Strengths: Defence looks solid

Weaknesses: No squad depth whatsoever

If Manchester United can avoid major injuries this season I see them challenging Chelsea all the way. However, over the course of 38 games its stupid not to expect injuries and this is going to prove their biggest undoing. An injury to Carrick means that O Shea and Giggs will be playing in the centre of the park. Not the best bet against Ballack and Makelele right?

Its easy to forget that the team scored 83 points last year. But such was Chelsea’s dominance that it wasn’t enough. A great start is a must. Will end up losing to Milan or Barcelona in Europe.

#2: Liverpool

Strengths:Midfield and a brilliant manager

Weaknesses: Forwards?

Its going to be very interesting to see how Pool shape up this year. They have everything going for them , a great manager, a brilliant captain in Gerrard and some good transfers in the off season. If there is any team that can seriously challenge Chelsea this season it has to be Liverpool. What remains to be seen is how many points they lose against the bottom half teams. That could prove to be the big difference.

#1: Chelsea

Strengths: Squad Depth and Russian Roubles

Weaknesses: None

Same old yes. But this time I expect the title race to be a lot closer than what it has been over the last two years. I don’t think Chelsea will accumulate as many points as they did last season but will still end up doing enough largely because they will have one eye on Europe.

Its going to be interesting to see how Ballack, Makelele and Lampard play together. More interesting will be how many goals Shevchenko scores. Expect more whining from Mourinho about how the whole world is conspiring against him. Finalist in Europe. Will lose to Barcelona!


Chelsea’s obsession with the Champions League might benefit the other teams (much like how Aragorn and Gandalf ensure that Sauron has one eye on Gondor thereby enabling Frodo to walk into Mount Doom! Just had to do this – sorry!) but their squad depth and water tight defence will ensure they will win the EPL this year.

Funnily, if United doesn’t win I would actually prefer Chelsea winning. Why? Because if they win, we can attribute it to the money and it’s going to be no big surprise anyway! Liverpool or Arsenal winning instead of United is going to be hard to swallow. Don’t see it happening though!

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10 Responses to “Predictions – English Premier League”

  1. Kesavan said

    Mostly agree, but there might be (and I hope it happens) a surprise team in the top 5, Newcastle or Blackburn or West Ham maybe.

    Hopefully the gap in points between the top and the bottom will also reduce.

  2. Look what Murray’s done, “Ousted Federer” :p . I still say, notwithstanding the British media’s hype, this lad has something to say.

    PS: I am actually reminded of Paes’ victory over Sampras at the Pilot Pen Open in 98.

    PPS: Sorry for commenting on a subject different from that of the post.

  3. Z said

    @ Kesvan-

    it will be AMAZING to see West Ham finish in the top 5. But wont happen. They will finish in the 11-15th range. Maybe Blackburn but they havent been doing too much in the transfer market.

    @ Handful!

    The Prof was planning on writing something on that later today! Looks like you beat him to it !

    When Paes defeated Sampras, I actually felt that he would go on to hit the top 20 in singles. That was such a great match. Pity he shifted his entire focus on the doubles game. he is a great player to watch especially in Davis Cups!

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  5. The English Premier League 2006/07

    Put away those national flags for now and bring out your jerseys and scarves. For those still hungover from World Cup disappointments, worry not, football redemption is round the corner. Depending on the club you support ofcourse.
    The 4 horse rac …..

  6. Mihir said

    Tottenham are interesting picks, but i dont see them reaching 5th. Berbatov and Zokora are good signings, but their defence still looks a tad weak… and they have UEFA Cup as a distraction as well. Bolton, Blackburn, Everton and Newcastle (if they manage to get a decent striker) would be my bets. And Arsenal can get ahead of ManU and Liverpool, ManU have a totally bare midfield, and i still dont see who will score goals for Liverpool. Arsenal just need a central defender with experience, they have arguably the best youth team currently in entire europe. Also with Emirates, i expect them to be able to match Pool & ManU in spending from next season although its not Wenger’s style. As Far as goal are concerned, yes they are dependent on Henry (who has been top scorer is 4 out of last 5 seasons), but their midfield with van Persin, Reyes & Rosicky contributes a hell lot of goals as well.

  7. Vignesh said

    Dude, I think you are overestimating the powers of Liverpool. Dont think they ll be title contenders, also-rans more like it. Sure, they ll get another zillion clean sheets but their problem is winning. They dont put away the lesser teams.

    Arsenal have to acclimatise to the new stadium, the sooner the better.I m praying that happens soon. I remem Southhamptom having problems when they moved from the Dell.

    Chelsea to win it hands down, Man Utd and Arsenal to fight it out for 2nd me thinks.

  8. Z said

    @ Mihir: basically its going to be a close fight between three teams for second place 🙂

    @ Vignesh: Maybe so. but I still believe that they will best both Arsenal and ManUtd for that automatic UCL qualification spot.

  9. Azzurra said

    Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

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