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New kids on the block

Posted by Sports Snob on August 19, 2006

The next Maradona, is probably the most bandied about tag in world football. Identifying the ‘Next Diego Maradona’ has become a pastime among commentators and armchair critics alike, but with each passing year, the latest incumbent succumbs to the expectation and a new pretender is thrust forward. The same goes for the ‘Next Pele or the ‘Next Zidane’. Marketing stooges and agents are on the prowl lapping up any young soccer star with just a modicum of talent, with the hope that their gamble will pay off in a few years’ time. There is only a 0.001% chance that this may happen but that is enough for these perpetually hovering vultures. Only a few of these ‘starlets’ survive, others quit by the time they reach 15. Those that remain may never reach the heights they were expected to, but ever so often a few filter through the hype. Here is the list of players who are most likely to cause a sensation in the coming years. Don’t call me if they dont become the next Maradona πŸ˜€

1. Bojan Krkic: Barcelona


Another product from La Masia , Krkic is just 16 years old and his development at Barca is meteoric. He is rising at a faster rate than his predecessor Messi. He was top scorer in the junior leagues for 3 years and has been earmarked to be a first team player in a season. During most of his years, Bojan has been assisted by the skills of Mexican Giovanni Dos Santos, another hopeful and now member of the first team at Barcelona. Bojan will someday step into the big shoes of Samuel Eto’o and his coaches are confident that he will be upto it.

2. Sergio Aguero: Athletico Madrid

Another whizkid from the famous Argentine stables. Athletico Madrid have put a lot of faith in him by signing him for 23 Million euros. At 17, with Fernando Torres, Aguero carries the hope of this underachieving Madrid club. Expect a lot from this livewire in the coming season.

3. Kerlon Moura Souza: Cruzeiro

Kerlon is attracting interest from a host of European clubs but for now seems settled at Cruzeiro. He is an exponent of the seal dribble, a move which he is renowned for. Only time will tell if Kerlon is just a one trick pony.

4. John Obi Mikel: Chelsea

He is known as much for his skill as for the interminably long transfer saga he was involved in. It looked like he was heading to Man Utd but he quickly reneged on his deal and joined Chelsea (Stupid Question of the day: Did money play a role?!), who ended up paying 12 million pounds in compensation.

(Surprisingly, we don’t have too many clips of him on YouTube. LOT expected out of him)

5. Freddy Adu: DC United

The great American Hope. He has been the touted as the saviour to American soccer but hasnt been able to live up the hype just yet. But having said that, he is only 17 years old and has a long way ahead of him. Missed the World cup bus this time around but few would bet against him being a part of WC 2010.


PS: Messi and Fabregas would be shoo-ins for this list. But they are relatively well established and so I didn’t want to include them.

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12 Responses to “New kids on the block”

  1. May be we should make a mathematical model and price options on the possibilities of emerging football stars becoming Maradonas, Peles and Zidanes. While agility would be the measure of Maradoness and Peleism would be based on number of goals scored, I wonder what would consititute the basis of Zidanesque? Number of headbutts perhaps!! πŸ™‚

    Any takers, Morgan Stanley??!!

  2. Z said

    This is interesting stuff! I guess this is bit like venture capitalism really πŸ™‚ Now and then you get sure shot success stories and you invest big!- Reebok on Venus Williams, Pepsi on Sachin (though they got him and his loyalty for a PITTANCE) and Nike on LeBron. If this is a career, I want it!Β  Hmmmm….

  3. Famish said

    Hey..awesome read. wonder how you learnt of these players.

    Anyways, I think u missed Fran Merida. He is quite a talent. Now playing for Arsenal FC.s

  4. Famish:

    Thats cause V is a football stud!

  5. Kesavan said

    Any ideas as to how the big clubs stumble upon such talent? And how do Argentina and Brazil consistently come up with such talents?

    Theo also looked pretty good in the 20 minutes he played against Villa.

  6. Vignesh Giri said

    Mr V.. How can you can you forget wonder kid Theo Walcott πŸ˜‰

    If you can include a La Masia product surely you can surely include Arsenal FC’s product πŸ˜€

  7. Ravi said

    vignesh, IMHO walcott is mightily overrated.. all his achievements (which werent many) have come in the championship against second rate teams. so hes still got a lot to prove before being categorized as wonder kid

  8. Z said

    errr..Vignesh sir! Krkic is a La Masia product but it has to be said that Theo Walcott comes to us by the way of Southampton FC! πŸ˜€

  9. Ravi and Z, Vignesh is just trying to ‘take the piss’. He knows wat i think of that WC talent….


  10. joseph said

    my name is scott i think im in love with kerlon

  11. Tom Prime said

    i am a gunners fan and i am gonna kill scott he fancies me :S

  12. quelqun de passage said

    hey hello every body , I speak french => I don’t good speak engels , I think that I go drink and go sleep πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ❀

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