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Cricket Controversies!

Posted by Sports Snob on August 21, 2006

Two events last week have left cricket lovers all over the world disappointed.

South Africa pulling out of the Unitech Cup

A player who fears for his life can’t really play cricket! But the South Africans may have over-estimated the danger: there are over 1000 athletes competing in the SAF games being held in the island. This event has been surrounded with controversy: rumors rife about the differences among the members of the squad, the improper security review by the ICC appointed agency etc. In these circumstances you really cannot fault a team for pulling out. Although, I don’t think the South Africans would have pulled out if they were touring England when 7/7 happened.

The farce at the Oval

Pakistan accused of ball tampering, they refuse to come out after tea, umpires award the match to England and when Pakis are ready to play, the umpires led refused to budge. And surprise one of the umpires was: Darrell-“Murali Chucks”-Hair, a man who loves his controversy. Pakistan’s protest did not keep the best interest of the game at heart. You must be out of your mind to expect that you can hold up the game and come back on the field and play as you choose. Also, I think a complete inquiry is in order and umpires must be held accountable under these circumstances. There is no love lost between the Pakis and Darrell Hair and to be honest I would only be too happy to see the back of that man!

It has to be said that as of this moment there is no video evidence of Pakistanis actually tampering the ball but according to various journalists, the ball did seem pretty disfigured on one side. That said, what was the ICC doing when the whole controversy broke out? Somebody should have taken charge.I don’t think any other sport is so dominated by the sports boards of the members.

This is absolutely unprecedented; in over 130 years of Test Cricket this is the first time that a team has actually gone so far as to forfeit a match. The next week promises to be rather fascinating as the inept ICC tries to bring the whole situation under control. Watch this space for updates!



4 Responses to “Cricket Controversies!”

  1. Sharad said

    Darrel Hair is a moron. I hate him for what he did to Murali. The ICC is a many test playing nations are there anyway ? Last i checked Zimbabwe was chucked out and Bangladesh was stripped of test status.

  2. Z said

    Yeah, Hair is a bloody moron. And somehow he always seems to pick on subcontinent teams. Murali’s action (however suspect) has been repeatedly cleared by ICC over the past decade. And yes the ICC is a bloody joke !

    Anyway, this week promises to be super interesting man. Lets see what happens.

  3. utkarsh said

    Intrestingly, India is indirectly supporting ICC .. 😦

    was hoping to see the end of Hair’s umpiring days, but that does not seem to be happening ..

  4. Rohit Sailas said

    Darrel Hair did what an umpire would normally do. But since there was no direct evidence to prove the fact, a chat after the match with the Match Referee, expressing his concern over the condition of the ball, would have been a more diplomatic approach. Otherwise Pakistan is not new to such allegations. They have always found a short cut to victory, using the back door. Shoib Akhtar should have been booked in 1999 World Cup itself, when his fingered and nailed the ball. The whole administration was sleeping with their eyes wide open, all in the name of diplomacy.

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