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Gallas and Cole

Posted by Sports Snob on August 23, 2006


In one of the LONGEST transfer sagas in the premiership it looks like Ashley Cole will finally be heading to Chelsea. Arsenal have left him out of their Champions League qualification games against Zagreb in an effort to ensure that he is not cup tied (thereby drastically reducing his valuation). All Chelsea have to do is to meet the 25 million or so that Arsenal want. Chelsea have the money (tons of it!) and they need a left back desperately. So, what then is the problem? Well, it looks like Chelsea don’t want to be taken advantage of. They are not willing to pay more than 16.5 million Euros. After paying over the odds for guys like Didier Drogba, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Michael Essien and Asier Del Horno, Chelsea don’t want to get mugged again in the transfer market. But then Arsenal know Chelsea are desperate and are playing hardball.
Enter William Gallas. One of the best central defenders in the world, he has been (reluctantly) playing left back for Chelsea all of last season. Now he wants out, wanted a move to Italy or Spain, but that didn’t happen. Gallas has been on strike over the past month and did not go on the pre-season tour of the U.S. forcing Mourinho to banish him to the reserves.

Now it looks like Gallas might end up being the last piece in this transfer jigsaw. The thing is Arsenal need a central defender (you cannot win ANYTHING with Senderos and Toure as your first choice centrebacks and Arsene knows that) and Gallas is the best available defender out there.

Maybe a swap deal is in order? Will Chelsea offer Gallas plus cash to Arsenal for Cole? Or will Chelsea let Gallas rot in the reserves (as only they can do) or maybe even sell him to a “lesser” competitor such as say a Newcastle United? Obviously, the move of Gallas to Arsenal will significantly strengthen their team and title chances. I think all issues will be sorted out by this weekend. As ever, watch this space!

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9 Responses to “Gallas and Cole”

  1. grimestown said

    Not to take anything away from the Arsenal defenders, but I agree with you that they need someone experienced to be the cornerstone of the defense, and I believe Gallas is a great choice. Mr. Cole has had a great run with the Gunners but his unhappiness and (shall we say) entrepreneurial tendancies have clearly indicated he is not willing to be a contributor to a winning squad this season. It’s a shame, but such is life.
    Without picking up Gallas the Gunners may find themselves in a bit of hot water, especially with the likes of Tottenham and Portsmouth nipping at their heels. Gameweek 1 has shown us it is certainly going to be a fierce battle at the top, but will Chelsea do as well as initially predicted?

  2. Ravi said

    gallas’ and coles unequal valuations rules out a straight swap.. its clear gallas wont play for the first team anymore.. that leaves chelsea with wayne bridge and boulahrouz (however its spelt).. now theres a third angle to it.. a coles arrival will allow bridge to move to newcastle and become the 3rd promised roeder signing… suffice to say i cant wait for the protracted sham to end

  3. Z said

    Dont think Portsmouth will do much but yeah Tottenham could very well be Arsenal’s biggest challengers for the 4th spot. And Wenger has 8 day s left..lets see what trick the professor pulls out of his hat!

    Ravi: Cole moving to Chelsea will definitely mean that Bridge’s transfer to Newcastle. Although, Newcastle themselves must be chasing a centre back! Don’t know how they managed to sell Boumsong though! 😀

  4. Ravi said

    @Z, yeah but someone forgot to tell freddy shepherd the need for a centre back. also boumsong going to juve is more a reflection of what juve has come to!!

  5. Z said

    I wonder who Newcastle is going to get. And they have all of 7 days to get a good centre back.

  6. Ravi said

    word is that they are trying for Robert Huth from Chelsea

  7. V said

    But the problem with Huth is that he flunked a medical at Boro, and any suitor will be wary of that.

    Coming to think of it , Medical tests are a load of bollocks…woodgate passes his. Huth(played in the worldcup) flunks his.Lol…it all depends on the clubs and more importantly the financiers i think.

  8. Mihir said

    Gallas is definitely one of the best defenders around, and gunners defence will be definitely strentghened by his presence. BTW as far as ur comment on Senderos and Toure are concerned, just to remind you, these two were the heart of a defence that holds a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE record of most consecutive clean sheets 🙂

  9. Z said

    I agree that Toure and Senderos were brilliant in the Champions League..and Arsenal surprised everybody with that brilliant run. but what happens when one of them gets injured? Far too many inexperienced youngsters.  Need to probably start with Djourou…

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