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English Football!

Posted by Sports Snob on August 24, 2006

What a day yesterday in England. Lots of action on and off the pitch.

Return of the Supersub!


First, Manchester United defeated Charlton, well the result was no big deal but Mr. Baby Face Ole Solsjkaer scored in the 90th minute. After three years of injuries and frustration, it looks like Ole is back and every United fan will be hoping that the Norwegian has two good years left in him.

Boro beat Chelsea (again)


What a result for Boro last night! Defeating Chelsea 2-1 at home after getting beaten by newly promoted Reading last week. Aussie Viduka scored the winner in the 90th minute after Shevchenko scored for Chelsea and Pogatez equalized for Boro. I hope this is the start of a long and hard season for Chelsea (hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things!) Steve McClaren may have left but the fact is Boro are still proving as unpredictable as last year. Expect more of the same from Boro all season, will probably end up 10th or 11th.

Why am I making such a big deal out of this? Lets just face it – every Chelsea defeat is a RARE event! All the more reason to celebrate it. Especially when Lampard ends up like that! 🙂

Roy Keane to take over Sunderland


It looks like Roy Keane is going to be named as the next manager of Sunderland. The Black Cats might have gotten themselves rid of Mick McCarthy but the club has lost five straight games under new manager-chairman Niall Quinn. Now, it looks like Quinn is set to name former Irish teammate as the new boss of the club. Roy Keane as a manager, now that’s got to be interesting! How will he treat players who don’t give 100 percent everytime. Will we have more hair-dryer and boot incidents? Expect a great deal more interest in the English Championship. Sunderland is going to become a fashionable club. Plus, they will now have a LOT of supporters in the far-east!



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3 Responses to “English Football!”

  1. Kesavan said

    Superb fightback from Boro. And Man U look really good (coming from a Man U hater, that is high praise). Looks like EPL will end up being more closely contested than last year.

  2. Ravi said

    my predicted Chelsea slip up seems to be coming a bit earlier than expected!!

    donno bout Quinn and Keane together at Sunderland, given their history in the 2002 WC Ireland squad bust up

  3. For me, that was 3 great results all round. Baby Face still looks 17, and hasn’t forgotten how to score in injury time (great habit). Chelski have added Boro to Liverpool on their list of boegy sides – alwasy great watching Mourinho eating humble pie after the game.
    Finally, Keane has given us something in the Championship to chuckle about. Will it be a Paul Gascoigne 5 minute visit or a Mark Hughes duck-to-water? Will be fun finding out.

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