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Round 1: Nadal vs Philippoussis and the winner is…

Posted by Sports Snob on August 30, 2006

A seed is down, the oldest grandslam winner in the draw is through, the Swiss miss is making a comeback and the first video challenge of grandslam tennis: The US Open promises to bring more excitement… and what a Round 1 match lined up: Nadal against Philippoussis.

The Aussie along with that maddening Russian, Safin, is probably the biggest waste of talent among current players. The big serve, booming ground strokes can do nothing if the player isn’t fit and on court! Philippoussis, the Greek Australian has suffered this for most part fo his career. And if that isn’t frustrating enough, he turns up at matches with his game in the locker room. He will hit the best shots in the book one day and the next day you will find him playing like a man with both feet in one shoe. He has shown us occasionally what he is capable of: Wimbledon finals but tennis at the highest level is about more consistency and sadly for us all, he has failed.

Nadal would do well to not take Philippoussis lightly. On his day he can beat the best and make them look like fools. At one point, I thought he might win The Championships atleast once but then there was Sampras and then Federer and our man was always out injured in action.
Another unrequited talent…

Video Challenge

The challenge thing is a good idea. The fans get to see where the ball went and the players are left with no reason to complain. i just hope it is used in a measured fashion. With most players looking to hit the lines, close calls are going to be there more and more frequently and we shouldn’t have play being interrupted every two points. I would like to know what the linesmen and chair umpires think…


Federer beats Nadal in the finals. The other semi-finalists I would like to predict but without seeing that chart, I don’t want to make silly errors like naming a person who would play Federer in the Quarters. But if he doesn’t meet either of these guys, I predict Roddick and the final choice is probably Baghdatis, Nalbandian or Tursunov.

Henin triumphs. The semi-finalists barring the draw thing would be Mauresmo, Clijsters and let me go with either Sharapova or Ivanovic for the final spot.


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4 Responses to “Round 1: Nadal vs Philippoussis and the winner is…”

  1. Nandita said

    Nice one!!!
    and it’s Safin vs Nalbandian round 2 now..Hopefully this one’s more fun to watch than the straight set non thriller Philippousis played..he should be called the “dud” now:P

  2. Ravi said

    play is unlikely to be interrupted every 2 points as each player is restricted to 2 appeals or challenges as they call it per set. so it asks for judicious use of challenges

  3. But is it necessarily a good thing to restrict number of challenges? To begin with maybe yes… but later… I mean with more and more of the points being fought “on the side-lines”, every inch counts and if you find that players are invariably right while calling, what do you do?

  4. Ravi said

    it is not necessarily a good thing to restrict the challenges. i would assume it has been done on an experiment basis as the replays were only on show courts.

    but the argument by some, that replays in tennis (and football for that matter) delay and disturb the “flow” of the game is all tripe. they barely take seconds as we saw in tennis. and rugby is a prime example of use of technology at the disposal of the referee who is empowered to check for any doubts (as far as i know). unlike the half hearted measures in cricket like only to check if the ball carried and ignore a lack of edge in the process!!

    authorities need to decide whether they want the so-called human element through refereeing and umpiring gaffes or getting it 100% right in a time when sport is also business with high stakes.

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