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Tevez and Mascherano to West Ham? CONFIRMED!

Posted by Sports Snob on August 31, 2006

No, its not April 1st. A statement on Carlos Tevez’s personal website says that Tevez along with his team-mate Javier Mascherano, have a signed a contract to play for West Ham United of England.

There is no update on the West Ham United website. Maybe this is just an elaborate prank but if this is true it will have to be the mother of all transfer coups. Even bigger than Luis Figo to Real Madrid.

Sportinglife says that the two of them are joining on a season long loan deal. This does make sense as Tevez publicly accepted that he hates life in Brazil (where he plays for Corinthians). The pair’s rights are owned by Media Sports Investment, a British-based company with financial involvement in Corinthians. MSI were linked with a takeover of the Hammers last season.

More updates later.


It is TRUE! We have all been expecting a loan deal but this is permanent. Don’t think that counts for much as I must say this whole deal smells of dirty Russian money. Where did West Ham get ALL That money from? How much did they spend on these guys?

But who cares if you are a West Ham fan! 😀 Will be interesting to watch what pans out through the season. This will undoubtedly make West Ham much stronger in Europe but whether the Hammers will actually challenge for a top 3 4 finish in the premiership will obviously depend on how fast these guys adapt to the league. (And South Americans are notorious for not adapting to the premiership- don’t start throwing the name of the odd exception at me!)

But my god- this has to be the biggest transfer coup in history. Period. Unless, Ronaldinho is convinced to move to Bolton by Sam!


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5 Responses to “Tevez and Mascherano to West Ham? CONFIRMED!”

  1. dave said

    This has made my year .To get one over Man Utd,Arsenal and Chelsea is just fantastic,just hope they do it on the pitch and aren’t an expensive flop.

  2. I’m sure you enjoyed it. I dont think any other headline took my breath away as this did.

    This will make the League very interesting. I agree with Z, i think the argies have found the EPL very tough. Veron and Crespo come to my mind. But spurs i remember had a few legendary argies in their ranks many many years ago. Ardiles and Villa did very well for them. But we were in our nappies then.:)


  3. Mihir said

    top 3 ?? bull only …. theese 2 can’t make a mediocre side like hammers into a top 3 contendenders overnite. Top 6 looks a certainity now though.

  4. Vivek said

    Well south americans r known for their coups but guess the British hve taught them for a thing or two now!

  5. Z said

    oops ..I meant top 4..And by that I mean #4 🙂 IF they manage to settle down. The Hammers will have a good young squad..

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