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David vs Russian Roulette: Nalbandian vs Safin

Posted by Sports Snob on September 4, 2006

Nalbandian vs Safin going on. Set 5, 1-1, Safin serving

A Nalbandian victory is predicted. The despair of all tennis lovers world over, that moody Russian, Safin – why can’t he just play the sublime tennis he is capable of? He is a man who can beat Federer, and maybe even consistently or is that a wrong word to use in the same sentence as Safin? With him, every match is a game of chance, a game of Russian roulette.

A detailed post on Safin later.



Safin beats Nalbandian in a tie-breaker in set 5. That’s one more of my semi-final predictions out of the window. Big mistake overlooking Safin and also, didn’t realize Baghadtis would be playing Agassi this early. You never write these guys off. Ah well, now Agassi is out, beaten by Becker and Safin…well, hard to predict what he will do next, kind of like a random walk.


3 Responses to “David vs Russian Roulette: Nalbandian vs Safin”

  1. Ravi said

    there is a subtle irony in agassi being beaten by a certain german with the initials b becker in his farewell match. that speech of his was moving stuff!!

  2. very true… moving stuff… people became Agassi fans over the years even if they couldn’t stand the brash young man

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