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Maria, Queen of Hearts

Posted by Sports Snob on September 10, 2006


A striking figure standing across the diminutive Henin, dressed in black,a lovely chain around the neck, black hair-clips in place and the hair being tucked behind the ears every two points and squeals after every shot and fist-pumping!!! Maria Sharapova has won her second GrandSlam. And what a victory it was; Henin never really had a chance.

She started off playing nervously but once she was set in her groove, there was absolutely no chance for Henin. Henin didn’t play the tennis she is capable of but I don’t think it would have mattered much today.

Sharapova was inch perfect, brilliant power-hitting. She was kissing the lines, hitting deep shots and moving Henin all around the court. Sharapova was serving at her best and hitting that inside out forehand perfectly. The match was hers to win or lose. And after disappointments in her last two years, she has proved to us, she is no one-slam wonder.

Maria burst on to the scene when people had written off that diva, Kournikova. She came out and showed us she wasn’t just another pretty pair of legs. I mean, to beat Serena at Wimbledon, playing the way she did! There was ambition, determination and hers was a story the crowd loved: the six-year old with her non-English speaking father, out in a country where they knew no one and all they had was her talent!
She is absolutely gorgeous, carries herself very well and yes, she grunts but then it is very easy for the crowds to forgive her for that (easy for me to, definitely!!). After the match today, she went off-court for a few minutes and got her phone, and ‘told her Mom to start breathing again’.

It is heart-warming to see her succeed. She is going to be around for a while and fans, sponsors and tournament organizers world-over are going to be praying for her success. ‘Maria, you have won our hearts!’



What do you say about this woman? She been everywhere, won everything there is to win, retired, come back and competed against players about twenty years younger… and she has won, again. How does she do it? No one knows. Where does the motivation to carry on come from? And the fitness…? She might not be as sharp or fast but then she can still win.

Martina retires, again. And finally, the career is over… it is, isn’t it?

– Prof

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3 Responses to “Maria, Queen of Hearts”

  1. Ravi said

    a leaner, meaner version of kournikova. and a “few” inches taller as well!!

    i know i am a minority on this, but i cant getover those grunts of hers!! pardon me for sounding sexist but they can be a bit unwomanly :p

  2. Z said

    LOL ! Kournikova just did the perfect disappearing act. Sharapova beat 4 top 10 players at the US open. Dropped only one set and yet all the press seems to be interested is that stupid banana!

  3. Ravi said

    yeah she was a class apart. as for the banana bit, i guess thats the press for you. always trying to nitpick any achievement

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