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The Top 5 dunks of all time.

Posted by Sports Snob on September 25, 2006

This was by far, one of my toughest assignments. Dunking has changed over the years from its showy plain beginnings to becoming a form of art in the modern era. Just looking back at the past few decades, there has been a gradual change from power dunking to finesse. What you thought was impossible a few years ago, is reality now and only imagination stands between man and his elevation to stuff the ball into the hoop. Here are my top 5 NBA dunks

No 5


Rightly nicknamed ‘The Human Highlight film’, Dominique Wilkins personified the Windmill dunk. The raw power in each slam had the stadium rocking. It was only right that I did not pick one of his Windmills over the other. There was so little to choose in between them, that I had to thrown in a compilation of his Windmills at No 5.

The Human Highlight film, Windmill Mix

No 4


Dr. J (Julius Erving) has to get the credit for changing the dunking world. Before he came into the scene, dunks were primarily from close to the basket by really tall players with absolutely zero entertainment value. Dr. J showed the world, the art of dunking. He was most famously known for this dunk at No 4. Dr J starts the break with a steal, drives on the left lane and cuts towards the basket, clutches the ball in one hand, swings it across his body and elevates over Michael Cooper of the Lakers for the jam.
Dr. J clutches the ball in one hand, swings it around and throws it down over Michael Cooper of the lakers.

No 3


What was Tracy McGrady thinking of. This play had fans going crazy. Free throw dunks were reserved for the dunk contest not by choice but by physical ability until this day. Not a single person has even dreamed of pulling off a free throw dunk during a game. At No 3, Tracy Mcgrady starts the break, shuffles his feet a few yards from the free throw line and takes off, soaring for the slam.

No 2


I really did not want to rank a dunk from the dunk contest here as it would change the ratings considerably. But this dunk was one of the most amazing dunks I had ever seen. Really doesnt matter when or where he did it but it was a masterpiece. The Mona Lisa of dunks and it belongs to His Airness, Michael Jordan. Jordan needs a 48 to tie and a 49 to win against his perennial dunk contest foe Dominique Wilkins. Although many people have dunked from the free throw line, this was something special. Micheal starts his run up from the end of the court, gradually gaining speed as it culminates with a smooth flowing figure taking off from the free throw line, double cluthcing in the air with his tongue out as cameras flash for the most famous picture of a dunk. It was God disguised as Micheal Jordan. Oh yeah and they gave Jordan a 50.

No 1


What can one say about this dunk. People talk about dunking on the defenders but actually going over them? And how many people could go over someone standing at 7 foot 2 inches. Well America’s Vince Carter can. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Vinsanity gets the steal at midcourt, gets a couple of short steps before he elevates over Frederic Weis of France and slams it over him. He actually takes off in front Weis and lands behind him. Weis did retire after the Olympics( I do feel sorry for him ) but on the bright side his name will always be synonymous with the best dunk.


P.S: Look out for James “Flight” White at this years dunk contest. He was drafted at No 31 by the Portland Trail Blazers. This guy can dunk from the free throw line and still have enough hangtime to put the ball between his legs while doing it.

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21 Responses to “The Top 5 dunks of all time.”

  1. Goyal said

    I think Michael’s dunk was the best!!

    Long live His Airness!!!

  2. Panchos said

    There might be another 100 free throw dunks in the NBA but I doubt if anyone could match MJ’s… That was a dunk for the ages..

  3. yeah!

  4. bibi said

    yo those dunks were wack eh you come check me out ‘ll be doing my all-time dunk check it out

  5. bibi said

    Yo check this out V.c i hate your dunk because your a QUITER

  6. bibi said

    yo i dont care but the league Dominators now are Dwayne Wade Kobe Bryant Shaquille O’neal Lebron James and Chris Bosh

  7. bibi said

    and i forgot about aGENT OO

  8. bibi said

    So if you other young bucks need some help on your ball game check me out and i might holla

  9. Brandon said

    You guys are retarded

    MJ is nothing compared to Vince Carter

    And he’s not a quitter

    the raptors are gay

  10. deshawn said

    best dunks

  11. Aaron said

    Bibi – go home πŸ™‚
    Brandon – i can’t believe you’d say that One of THE best to ever play the game is nothing compared to Vince Carter. You need a history lesson….

    My opinion…the Tmac and MJ dunks were among my ABSOLUTE favorites!

  12. Dick said

    THis whole thing is gay!!!!

  13. bibi is gay said

    attention everyone: BIBI HAS A NEEDLEDICK

    that will be all

  14. Bubba said

    everyone here is gay esspesially dick and bibi so suc it noobs!

  15. Bubba said

    and bibi fuck u, go home!

  16. this whole thing is gay said

    wat r u talking about!!!!!

    MJ’s dunk is better than shity Vince Carter’s!!!

    Holy fuck hole up the ass in your balls and out your mouth!!!!!!!!!

    FUCK!!!!!! πŸ™‚


  17. stephen milne said

    bib your a fuck head you woodnt know a basketball if it hit you in the fanny

  18. Dj Grinch said

    wtff for da guy dat said carters is better den mj’s r u fukin stupid wow woooodii doooo he dunked over a guy witch b-ball player hasenttt mj’s was from free throw line moronn dats tooooooooo sickk i love dat picc i have da pic in my rooomm signed buy him looking at it right noww gdkjuhaklds wow its tooo bombbb=]

  19. Dj Grinch said


  20. J Hoop said

    Indeed MJ is the greatest player, but all these stats awards and accomplishments does not mean his is the best dunker. These guys shown above may have like the most influencial and made history, but I think a lot of good players are missing in this and some are better.
    First of all, James White. Look him up. Next, Jason R we all know what he has done. S Kemp? LeBron? Kobe? MR 720 from AND 1? I
    It is hard to say and guess it all matters on opinion but theres something to think about between best and most influencial.

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