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Sania defeats Hingis!

Posted by Sports Snob on September 28, 2006

Sania Mirza has just defeated Martina Hingis in the second round of the Hanso Korea Open in Seoul. Mirza defeated Hingis 4-6 6-0 6-4 and avenged her defeat in last week’s Sunfeast Open in Calcutta. In Friday’s quarterfinal, Sania will face doubles specialist Virginia Ruano Pascual of Spain.


Hingis is now ranked number 8 in the world and this definitely has to be Sania’s biggest victory of her career. Sania’s career is now starting to resemble the perfect sine curve. Just when people were starting to write her off as a one-season wonder, she seems to have picked up her form and after a semifinal appearance in Calcutta looks set to progress far in the Korean Open.

This victory should do wonders to both her confidence and her ranking! We all know what Hingis is capable of and beating her can be no easy task. If Sania can keep herself injury-free for one or two years, she can possibly work towards becoming a real contender at the grand slams. (barring the French obviously)

It has to be said that the people at Sportsnob are huge fans of Sania for a number of reasons and hopefully she will give us a lot of things to write about!




Sania Mirza lost to Virgina Ruano Pascual 6-7 6-4 6-7 in the quarterfinals of the Korean Open. The match was bound to be tough. Pascual is a tough and experienced campaigner. Pity she couldnt go through. The fact that the third set went to a tie-breaker shows how close she got.
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4 Responses to “Sania defeats Hingis!”

  1. The Enigma said

    Very well said. I think the nation’s hopes, once again, grew too fast as we saw her climb up the rankings previously. It is obvious the girl has talent and some attitude to match, practically 75% of the qualities required to do well on the Tour.

    Kudos to Sania for her win. I hope she now puts her head down and concentrates on winning the title. That really would be a huge boost to her confidence and her ranking.

    Onwards and upwards.

  2. Z said

    Sad that she lost but it looks like she is turning the corner. Hopefully she will crack the top 20 next year.

  3. oasisboy said

    I personally think she’s rather overrated, but hey, she’s hot!
    The hype generated by the press, TV and media in general tends to get out of proportion, and its only when the person in question is able to get their head around all the attention without it affecting their game that we see true stars develop (read: Tendulkar).
    Sania has potential, without doubt. Let’s hope she can fulfil it.

  4. […] Sania has an easy draw at the Australian open. She has been drawn against an unknown Ukranian (another East European!) Olga Shevchuk in the first round. If she manages to win that she will meet either Emma Laine (another unknown!) or a qualifier. Sania may well face Martina Hingis in the third round and that match is going to generate a lot of interest! Besides Sania had actually defeated Hingis last year. […]

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