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Euro Qualifiers Roundup

Posted by Sports Snob on October 8, 2006

England 0- 0 Macedonia:

We have seen this before. Frustrating draws against teams such as Macedonia. Despite the result, England will go through. And then get knocked out in the quarterfinals on penalties. Any idea what the odds are on that?

Scotland 1 – 0 France


What a result for the Scots! And I like this photo! Qualification might still be beyond them with the quality in the group. They have a big game coming up against Ukraine. And looks like Sheva will be out. I hope the Scots go through.

Cyprus 5 – 2 Republic Of Ireland

What a hammering! Dont think Steve Staunton has too much time left as the coach. I hear Kenny Daglish might be called in to save the qualifying campaign.

Sweden 2- 0 Spain

Further pressure on Aragones after this defeat. I don’t care much for this racist bastard. I bet the editors at Marca are having orgasms as they write heart rending editorials calling for the return of Raul. I thought Raul’s exclusion was right. Despite the goal against Atletico, he was largely anonymous that night. Spain should go through eventually (just like the World Cup) but it looks like it will be under a different coach.


P.S: Anyone else miss club football??

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13 Responses to “Euro Qualifiers Roundup”

  1. Lena said

    I miss club football. Thankfully I watched River Plate v Boca Juniors today. Unfortunately, they lost 3-1.

    …Bring on the weekend!

  2. Caltech said

    What a whiny little mother fucker henry is:
    Henry had the best chance of the game with four minutes to go but could not beat Scotland goalkeeper Craig Gordon from barely 10 yards out.

    However, the French marksman was in no mood to blame himself for his side’s defeat.

    He said: ‘Our defenders and midfielders had space but there was no space in the game for me, I had to make my own space.

    ‘I had a chance with a header near the end and I thought about controlling it but I couldn’t because I would have had to control it with my hand.

    ‘The ball was going away from me all the time and I was caught in two minds and in the end I didn’t even head the ball, it struck my shoulder.

    ‘But it was not down to one opportunity. It was a game that could have finished 0-0 but it didn’t.’

  3. JumboMkd said

    England – Macedonia 0:0
    That’s what you get when you underestimate Macedonia 😉

  4. Lucas said

    Sometimes, Henry is all talk!!!!!! That dickhead shd score a few more goals if he wants to prove he is a great striker for his country.

  5. Lucas said

    It’s so sad to see a great squad suffer like this….i hope Spain sorts its problems out before it’s too late.

  6. Z said

    @Caltech: Nice to see you here 😀

    But yeah Henry’s miss in the dying moments was fabulous!

    @Lucas: Agree with you totally!

  7. The Enigma said

    Lol. Love that photo with Henry looking stunned in the background (at least that looks like Henry). Can’t stand the guy.

    But, Raul will be back. His talismanic influence is required to spark the Spanish into some action. I hope, at least.

  8. Thats an awesome pic ! And good for Gary Caldwell.. I think Raul will be back soon, I dont know about the effect he will have on the national team. Btw. Phil Ball has written an awesome article about the spanish football team on soccernet. Check it out.

  9. Ravi said

    yes it is henry… raul is past it… hes more of a token and less of a talismanic presence these days… and phil ball is one of the better football writers out there

  10. Neena said

    Is it just me or England seems to play against Macedonia more often than not? Whats the deal really? I always see them playing against Macedonia or Liechtenstein.

  11. Z said

    Very true. Macedonia were in England’s group for the 06 WC qualifier as well.. and England continue to struggle against them.

  12. Ravi said

    rather england continue to struggle generally

  13. An endearing image and a hosting grouse

    The sight of an ashen-faced Thiery Henry, as witnessed here, in the wake of a defeat brings to my mind one of my favourite images in football. More speci …

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