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“Qualifying” round- Champions Trophy

Posted by Sports Snob on October 10, 2006

Zimbabwe is on 8/3 chasing 286 for victory.

There are actually qualifying rounds featuring Zimbabwe? Standards in cricket have fallen, haven’t they? If a team consistently makes runs only in two digits, they really should not be playing international cricket. This is a waste of spectators’ time and money and a sham under the name of international cricket.

I am not opposed to qualifying rounds per se. But greater care must be exercised in determining if there really is a point in playing these games. Otherwise, we are just throwing away practice games to two teams. And on current form, WestIndies and SriLanka don’t really need it. And again, Zimbabwe is incapable of providing any international team decent competition on a regular basis with their current team.


In fact, these matches are as short as 20-20 games if Zimbabwe bats first. I think 20-20 will be the direction of the sport. 20-20 matches featuring international teams will be more frequent in the next few years. And these will go a long way in hiding the difference in class between teams. But then 20-20 cricket is a topic for a future post.

Till then, we are taking volunteers to play practice games against international teams :).

– Prof


5 Responses to ““Qualifying” round- Champions Trophy”

  1. Kesavan said

    The original Champions Trophy(it was originally called ICC Knockout) format of knockouts was better, the first two tournaments in Bangladesh and Kenya were pretty entertaining. But has been downhill ever since.

    The 20-20 world cup is supposed to replace the Champions Trophy right?

  2. Ravi said

    i certainly hope it replaces the CT for good

  3. Isaiah said

    I know nothing about cricket. Let’s get that out of the way first. I’m not here to judge a sport I’ve only ever seen played outside my college library and never on TV. Read a Newsweek article about it a few weeks ago, but that explained nothing, obviously.


    What’s the point of having Northern Ireland play Spain in Euro2008 qualifiers? Oh, because they might just run out 3-2 victors. It seems to me that the USA (what are we on, Dream Team 324?) should never play Puerto Rico or Slovakia, even Brasil in international basketball because they’ll never stack up to us. Only Argentina, Greece, and Spain can do that, so nix the others from the world championships. Is that your point? Cause if it is, I strongly disagree.

    Give Zimbabwe a chance — who cares if they suck. San Marino will never qualify for anything, but let them at least go out there and get there 0-13 licks in!

  4. Loooooong time..How be you folks 🙂

    West Indies bundled out for 80. Man, can this team get any more fickle!! 😦

  5. Lets hope that Zimbabwe are in the next champions trophy

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