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Champions Trophy: Great start by India!

Posted by Sports Snob on October 16, 2006

Well, all it took was one glimpse of the navy blue kit worn by the English team for the Indians to find form. Without getting too carried away with the result (England after all were just hammered 5-0 by the Lankans in England) it has to be said the win was very convincing. I wouldnt read much into the fact that we lost so many wickets, low totals can be notoriously hard to chase- batsmen often in two minds on how to approach the target.

Somehow, the victory coincided perfectly with the fact we got to see the Irfan Pathan of last year. He ran in with a lot of energy, swung the ball and also looked very enthusiastic. He is a champion player for us and could be one of the most important factors at next years World Cup.


I still cant grasp the reason why Pathan is being sent at no. 3. Yes we need to be more flexible, but with the World Cup less than six months away, we should be playing everybody in their best positions? And Dravid HAS to occupy the #3 slot. He is our best batsman for crying out loud! It is one thing scoring against Vaas and Anderson and quite another thing scoring heavily against Ntini or Lee.

Picture this: Its the World Cup final and we are chasing down 250 scored by Australia. Sehwag has just gotten out to a snorter from Lee. So, who is next? Dravid? Pathan? If you make the score 300- it still does not make sense. Dravid should still walk in and provide the solidity. I rather have Pathan facing men like Symonds and Hogg and getting 7 or 8 runs per over.

Anyway, I think India should comfortably make the semifinals from here on in. I fancy a Australia Vs Sri Lanka final. The Lankans have been playing brilliantly of late and interestingly its the same group of players who were hammered last year in India! What a difference a year makes.

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5 Responses to “Champions Trophy: Great start by India!”

  1. Kesavan said

    Not so sure about India making the semis, they still have to meet the Aussies and the Windies, two bogey teams for India offlate.

    And agree about Pathan at 3. Especially more so yesterday, it was a low score, would have given Dravid the chance for some batting practice. Ofcourse he did have a chance when he came in too, but somehow his bad form continues, which is not good for us.

  2. Z said

    yep..definitely not good for us. I want Dravid to be given maximum time. Anyway, lets see.

    As for West Indies, something tells me that we will beat them quite convincingly 🙂 Not too sure about Australia though.

  3. India made great start in Champions Trophy but losing the next two matches and getting out of tournament broke the heart of many cricket fans across the country.

  4. tapasvi said

    thats good india won the world cup

  5. tapasvi said


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