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Pakistan does it again!

Posted by Sports Snob on October 18, 2006

Your captain is banned, the new captain takes over but after making a fuss that he is being made a dummy captain, the chairman of your board resigns, your leading strike bowlers are caught for doping and are sent back home, then you are up against one of the favourites for the tournament.

What happens next? You win.

Fascinating stuff.

Pakistan has this knack of coming up with the goods when the chips are down. Full credit to Younis Khan and his men.

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5 Responses to “Pakistan does it again!”

  1. DS said

    Disorganized organizations are typically associated with the subcontinent and there is a compelling reason to do so. The long drawn out (and ongoing) l’affaire Sourav hasn’t done us any good. However, when compared to the PCB, our BCCI is professional, considerate to its players and non-political!!! 🙂

    Regarding Pak….you could add quite a bit more to your first paragraph (starting with the ball tampering controversy) to give a complete picture. And as you say, all that adds to their victory the other night.

    In some ways, we have been spoilt with the relative calm that has prevailed in Pak for the past couple of years. They have always been better when pushed to a corner. Besides their mental fortitude, the breathtaking talent at their disposal makes such victories possible.

  2. Z said

    Definitely could have added more to the first paragraph… But yeah, the PCB makes us look good!

    It will also be interesting to see what happens to Shoaib and Asif. My guess is that they will be back by the New Year.

  3. Ravi said

    i will be very surprised if they do.. i expect a yr blanket ban atleast, not merely an odi or test ban.. warne copped a yr for a naive mistake.. n this is nadrolone we talkin here

  4. Ravi said

    nandrolone sorry

  5. Z said

    That is true but this is the PCB we are talking about.. let us see..and the whole Warne incident is still so hazy..did he take steroids and then use a diuretic to mask it or was it actually for weight loss!

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