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Chelsea sinks Barcelona!

Posted by Sports Snob on October 19, 2006


A piss poor performance by a team that is looking very much like a ship without a rudder, in the absence of their star striker Eto’o. The usually incisive Barca team were toothless in attack, never really testing Hilario, who in his first Chelsea game had a comfortable day. Barcelona didn’t challenge Chelsea enough and on the balance of play didn’t even deserve a point. At the end of the three matches it looks like it will be tussle between Werder and Barca for the second CLE spot. Rijkaard will be a worried man after the manner of the defeat and Ronnie’s cameo in the weekend is starting to already look like only an abberation. He was kept in his confines by a prospective man of the match in dutchman Khalid Boulahrouz. The eventual winner of the performer of the day was the scorer of the match winning and spectacular goal, Didier Drogba. He was outstanding throughout the match and its very strange that his purple patch coincides with the worst slump in his strike partner’s career. Sheva had a terrible day and its not before long that the English press get on his case.Drogba for his part should have scored a second but lets not deny this thespian (no bitterness here, 🙂 ) his day in the sun. 181006_edmilson_dif.jpg

Noone really stepped up for the Catalans and there is an alarming tone of complacency in their style. Rijkaard should address it as soon as possible with El classico only five days away. The misery for the Blaugrana was compounded when Puyol limped off. It looks like a few days of overtime for FR at the office!

Barca will be interested in signing a striker in the Winter market and are already howering around Europe for a cheap buy. In a few weeks we will know if its too little too late.

V (Its good to be back, but I would have preferred a more opportune and enjoyable moment)

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8 Responses to “Chelsea sinks Barcelona!”

  1. Kesavan said

    Alarmingly toothless performance by Barca. Totally dominated, Chelsea did do a good job of denying them space. Apart from Giuly, no one seemed keen to run at the Chelsea defenders, both Messi and Ronaldinho seemed content on just cutting in when the full-backs stopped them. And not enough bodies in the box invariably, they do need a decent striker.

    Ronaldinho couldn’t beat Bouhlarouz even once, but the commentators kept praising him. Just like what happened with Brazil in the WC.

  2. Fact: R10 got f*cked by Bouhlarouz. And its about time he stepped up. Im dying to see the second leg. There is some amount of complacency…..i hope rijkaard sets that rite.

  3. Ravi said

    watever happened to the little rabbit aka javier saviola?????

  4. I think Mr.V was tellin me over the phone sometime back that the best just got better…well…. hahahaha… on the weight of that performance , they ll be lucky to finish 2nd in the grp.. what this has showed is this over reliance on R10 and Eto’o…. Messi aka wannabemaradonna dint do much… 10 V 13 seemed to be happening all the time(esp against london clubs), and 11 V 11 chelsea have pretty much raped barca havent they…. so here is to Barca losing in a fornights time and get knocked out of the competition!!.. oh Btw good luck for the El Derby.. u ll need all the luck in the world!!

  5. V said

    haha…this much vitriol from a person whose club just lost to a bunch of smelly russians! wannamaradona was prolly the most potent threat.And yes, You are the winners of th CLE for 11vs 11. Will that sate the bruised ego of Vignesh Girishankar…..

  6. V said

    and we notice VG is starting to sympathise with Chelsea a lot these days. Is there a possibility that he may defect one of these days?


    Arsenal 1 – Barcelona 2


  7. Z said

    haha! you guys are at it I wish Barca run into Arsenal in the Champions League this year!

  8. @Ravi,

    Saviola was asked to search for a new club at the end of last year, but he rejected 14 offers to stay at Barca. But the tabloids feel that this loyalty was only to allow him to move on a bosman at the end of the year. and Rijkaard never has been a fan of the diminuitive striker.

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