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Martyn comes through, England humiliated

Posted by Sports Snob on October 22, 2006

England lost, again.

I am not surprised at all. Frankly, they are quite a lousy one-day team. Other than Straus, Flintoff and Pieterson occasionally, nobody comes through when it matters. And, this loss today efectively ends their touranment (I think). It is a vicious cycle: the play lesser one-day cricket than other leading international teams, they are more rusty when they turn up and lose early, they play lesser cricket. Thankfully for them, there are few knockout tournaments.

Australia is back. They are still the best in the business. The Indian conditions might not suit them best and they might have lost to a rapidly improving WestIndian team. But, they are good and one of their classiest players came through today. Damien Martyn in flow is a sight to watch: his off-side play is as good as Ganguly’s, almost and he is the most graceful Aussie to play after the retirement of Mark “The forgotten” Waugh. He came through today and helped beat the English, how can anyone not beat them?!!!

But, this Australian team is going to have to work hard to retain the World Cup. Gilchrist needs to fire and players like Andrew Symonds needs to chip in.

And this tournament is going to be good fun to watch. Cheers, to some good cricket.

– Prof


3 Responses to “Martyn comes through, England humiliated”

  1. Ricky said

    I am glad they were beaten and the way they are playing, I don’t see much of England in the Ashes too. England is the most stupidest team in the sense that, since they have won the Ashes and someone would ask about their bad performance, they would reply “We only care about the Ashes”. So, I hope they are beaten the hell out of Ashes too this year.

    I am happy to see Martyn back in form though coz he deserves much better. Also, good to see young guns of Oz taking some reponsibilities. You never know about this Ozzie side, maybe loss to West Indies was a good thing for them…

  2. The Enigma said

    Martyn is an absolute treat to watch. He’s a bit like Mark Waugh. Never really out of form, but his casual-ness at the crease implies that from time to time. He is easily the best number 4 in Australia at the moment.

    That group’s really hotting up. Will be interesting to see how it looks after the Windies v India match.

  3. Z said

    @ Ricky-yep, I think the Aussies will win the Ashes easily. They will be really pumped up and the fact that the English are having so many injury worries is not going to help their cause.

    @ The Enigma- Martyn is an absolute treat ! A lot like Mark Waugh.. I think we should beat the Windies… home advantage and all 🙂

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