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The Usual Suspects.

Posted by Sports Snob on November 7, 2006


Well, it was Malaysia all over again. After pulling off a stunning upset in the league matches, the Carribean batting order collapsed in the final. (they lost the last 8 wickets for just 58, somehow they keep pulling this off!). And the Australians emerged champions. Full credit to them. Guys like Bracken put their hands up and deliver in the big games. Something, that is sorely lacking with the other teams.

Ultimately, the tournament turned out to be a damp squib. Poor pitches and poor crowds played a huge role in this. And the tournament should have been spread through the country to ensure better crowds. Somehow, I get the feeling that the 2007 World Cup is going to be no better. And the television ratings are going to take a massive nosedive if the Indians don’t do well. (maybe the Carribeans should prepare pitches suiting our style!)

There were a couple of good games in the tournament but largely the games were one-sided affairs. After a couple of hiccups, the Australians were back on top again. And it is not good for cricket. One team (or an individual) dominating a sport is never a good thing. As much as you can admire their brilliance, skill and athleticism, one of the biggest attractions of sport is the sheer thrill of watching a great contest unfold.

Barring the two India-Australia test series and the Ashes, no team has been able to match the Australians over an extended period of time. The South Africans manage to beat every team and yet find it hard to even compete against the Australians. The Indian team somehow finds itself in transition again. The West Indies are too inconsistent for their own good. Thanks to injuries and some pathetic one-day form England have not been able to build on their Ashes success. The Lankans find it hard to compete outside the subcontinent (and the Oval).

The good news? This Australian team is old!


2 Responses to “The Usual Suspects.”

  1. vishnu said

    I like the style man – you make all your points economically. (who wrote this, by the way?)

    The Indian team can’t be written off – they seem to do it when the media is baying for their blood (South Africa is ideal)

    And I have a funny feeling about the Windies – Cricket might be coming back to the Caribbean in a big way.

  2. How old are Bracken and Watson?

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