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Ponting, Pawar and wagging fingers

Posted by Sports Snob on November 8, 2006


“… To begin with, as the closing ceremony drew to a close, Ricky Ponting waved his fingers at BCCI president Sharad Pawar, signalling him to come and hand over the winners’ trophy. It may or may not have been in jest but Pawar had the decency to just laugh and ask Ponting to step forward instead to complete the formalities.

But the story didn’t end there. As the Aussies celebrated exuberantly, the stage was set for the victory photograph. However, even as the players were taking positions for the cameras, Damien Martyn tapped at Pawar – who happened to be standing there – and literally pushed him out of the stage. Pawar walked away quietly, not showing any hurt or anger. …”

Source: India Times

Ponting seems to seek out controversy. Or does controversy dog him? I think it is the former. He is competitive and loves to be aggressive but he seems to take it too far on many occasions.

The Aussies deserve admiration for their talent and single-mindedness in seeking victory. But that is where it ends. These are the kind of guys I wouldn’t want to know after the game is over, not if their hyper-competitiveness is carried over.

Sledging including racial abuse is common from the Aussie side. They have even gone on to indicate that it is perfectly legitimate to sledge/insult the opponent: after all it is a man’s game!!! Mind games starting with press confereneces before tours is fine but when you get on the field and need to talk about a guy’s skin colour or his mother or sister, you have lost my respect.

In the context of past behaviour, do I think that Ponting and Martyn had no idea that what they were doing was offensive? Hell, no. They knew perfectly well that it was insulting. While these ceremonies are long and boring, this is not the way civilized people are expected to behave.

Yes, talent is allowed some liberties but this is taking it too far Mr. Ponting and Mr. Martyn. Don’t make me say, well we all know who was sent to Australia earlier… how do we expect civilization?



2 Responses to “Ponting, Pawar and wagging fingers”

  1. fuck the aussies said

    Pawar is a no good corrupt sob, but these freaking aussies are a bunch of retarded convicts

  2. The Enigma said

    Thanks for the gracious comments on my post. Ponting typifies everything that is wrong with the common Aussie. Unfortunately his buffoonery is not stopped by CA, but they also jump to his defence on most occasions.

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