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Federer wins Tennis Masters: Somebody stop him!

Posted by Sports Snob on November 20, 2006


Federer has beaten Blake and won the Tennis Masters. Anyone had a doubt about the winner?

This guy is incredible! He has won everything in sight, except the French Open, beaten everyone within sight and is so far ahead of his nearest competitor that people are constructing a beast from players across ages to even compete.  

I don’t see how the next season is going to be any different. There isn’t a competing compatriot. He is pretty much playing against himself and his demons (does he have any?). Federer has to beat history, inconsistency and Nadal at the French, at best.  If he does these next year, he will be hard to bet against as the greatest player to play tennis in the Open era.

I mean, he will then only need to play doubles as an individual to prove himself.

PS: Nirmal Shekar writes about Federer here and Keats makes such an obvious choice to describe the Swiss maestro’s game. Nice article.

– Prof


10 Responses to “Federer wins Tennis Masters: Somebody stop him!”

  1. Wimpy said

    but the Masters cup was different (thanks to its round robin format) in a way that federer-nadal happened in the semis.

    gosh, i’ve gotten so bored of seeing them dominate the game like this!

    new balls please!

  2. DS said

    Thanks for that Brijnath article. Very interesting. And also quite revealing that besides the serve, Sampras does make it into any of the categories.

    While a Safin/Gasquet vs Federer rivalry would definitely spice up the sport (I don’t think that anyone else has the talent the take it to him), watching Federer dominate the game hasn’t been all bad, IMO.

    Afterall, it hasn’t been slam-bang tennis by any means. Instead, every time we watch this genius perform, we are treated to the most diverse variety of jaw-droppers as is humanely…make that, Federerely possible! Things could be a lot worse….we could still be in the 90s and watching serving contests instead of tennis matches!

  3. @ Wimpy: The reason I want to see players play better is almost to see if Federer can play even better. (Is that possible?) Agreer on the competition though. Competition also should help us see what Federer does in a Grandslam final set 5 against a “real opponent”.

    @ DS: Agreer on the Safin bit. He is one guy who can beat Federer on his day. And while he plays the game so well, I want to see competition, close matches. That is what makes sport fun and maybe he will play even better!

  4. sampras was tops for 6 years, fed is only for 3 years so i guess we have a lot to see of fed in the future, maybe nadal can improve his game on grass to give him a fight

  5. @ Cyrus: I don’t know if Federer will reach Sampras’ records. Actually I don’t think I care. This is a man you just want to watch for the way he plays the game.
    And Nadal is going to have to improve his game significantly… in this year’s Wimbledon he was actually fairly good. But he has ended the season badly… is the pressure getting to him? Can he play as consistently? What do you think?

  6. Ravi said

    for comparison sake, federer is a sampras who can actually win on clay. and its only a matter of time IMO. as far as numbers goes, it depends on how long Federer can continue this level. he might jus turn back and say ‘sod it, i am better than the rest by a country mile’. more competition will let us see if he can reach a higher level.

  7. Z said

    Ravi… come on..Federer is so much better than Sampras. Just to watch him play ! But it is going to be really interesting to see who can challenge him next year. Nadal has a great record against him, Blake has been doing well of late (though not against Federer) lets see what guys like Gasquet and Murray do.

  8. Ravi said

    do i think sampras was better than federer? NOT AT ALL. wat i meant was that for all of Sampras’ greatness on grass, he never did well on clay. Federer is the real deal. better on grass and hardcourt and also capable of winning on clay. as was the case with Ferrari in F1 and the Aussies in cricket, its down to the opposition to raise their game to compete

  9. Neena said

    Though I have been a Sampras fan myself, I find Federer much more exciting. Just to watch him play, is a treat. Now someone may say, who cares whether it looks good or not, leave that to the cameraman!
    But still, his style of tennis is can be described as “oriental”…

    As for Nadal, the injury list are a tell-tale sign

  10. @ Neena: Federer is more exciting and the style, well is an inexplicable combination of power and style.
    Nadal… I hope the pressure to compete with Federer is not getting to him

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