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Shane Warne: Old Wine, Old bottle

Posted by Sports Snob on December 8, 2006


Some men you just don’t discount. The Englishmen learnt this lesson at the Adelaide Oval on day five. When the bowler is Shane Warne and the press is going hammer and tongs at him, it is time to be on your guard. Say what you will, but this man is the best of our generation and probably the best bowler of the last 15 years. And as always, a thorn in the side of the English batting line-up.

When Shastri and Sachin were tonking him all over the ground, nobody would have predicted over 600 wickets. But then, nobody knew what the essence of being Warne was. He is a great bowler with many variations but at the core of his success lies his hatred for losing. Connors was probably saying for him, “ I hate the look on the opponent’s face when he beats me”.

After the first innings, many a critic had written Warne off saying he probably did not have enough fuel in the tank to play back to back tests, the Englishmen like Pietersen had figured Warne out, Warne was another Giles and the like. In the final day’s play, Warne showed us what separates him from most players, delivering when it counted. It is true that the batsmen played too defensively but that isn’t Warne’s fault! He bowled tightly, teasing the batsmen, turning deliveries viciously, mixing them up well and being the bowler that the batsmen had nightmares about.

He might no longer be the bowler he was four or five years ago but this man is ageing quite like the Bordeaux reds. He has shown us many times over that he is capable of this kind of performance. I wonder what the critics were thinking writing him off like that. Why would you bet against him? Many a columnist was forced to swallow his words at another famous Australian victory engineered by Warne.

“Nanner Nanner”, from Shane Warne.



2 Responses to “Shane Warne: Old Wine, Old bottle”

  1. Kesavan said

    Totally disagree that it was a victory engineered by Warne, it was engineered by England.

    One totally wrong decision, one totally horribly shot and one horrendous mix up and then England just did what they were good at, collapses.

  2. @ Kesavan: Yes, agree that England were to blame completely for the defeat but Warne and the others did bowl well, I mean good line and length. Nothing special though.

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