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Women’s Singles Finals, Australian Open 2007

Posted by Sports Snob on January 27, 2007

How things change! It was about 30 months ago that we saw an extremely pretty Russian girl play on the hallowed center court at Wimbledon against the Serena. Nobody gave her any chance of beating Serena but in a display of absolutely confident tennis, Serena was stunned and a star was born. 30 months hence, women’s tennis has seen major changes: Davenport is gone, Clijsters about to go, Henin spends more time injured, Mauresmo actually won a grandslam (!), Sharapova has shown us she is no Kournikova and the Williams sisters are more interested in fashion than tennis.

Deja vu

The showdown will be repeated a few minutes from when I write this post. Serena, overweight and in bad shape has scraped and scratched her way into the finals and Sharapova has been scorching on court at times.

I had written about Serena here: “…Nobody, ever, can wake up one fine day, come out on court and expect to win.” I think Serena has the capability to prove me wrong, I guess by getting as far as she has, she already has proved her point. She is far too good for me to write her off but I don’t expect her to do a Sharapova. Will Serena make me eat my words again?

Go Maria. Let’s watch some good tennis.

Talking of good tennis, what did you guys think of the men’s semi-finals. Federer demolishing Roddick and Gonzalez repeating that against Haas. Would it be too much to expect that both of them will turn in those kind of performances come Sunday?


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6 Responses to “Women’s Singles Finals, Australian Open 2007”

  1. raju said

    ;))..wat a convincing way to prove you wrong…
    and btw…i think Federer will yet again make it a one sided final…

  2. HOH said

    Okies, let the Post-mortem of the OZ Open Finals begin!!

  3. Andrea said

    Wow! That was incredibly offensive to imply that Venus is a “beast.” What does being a white male’s ideal of feminine beauty have to do w/ playing tennis? You sicken me.

  4. Bridget said

    Sharapova is the beauty? Why? Cause she’s white?

  5. only-fools-rush-in said

    Sharapova a beauty you must be joking!!!! i think Serena is a beauty and she can play tennis & most important built for the job!! not that flat ass nobody and personally i think you’ve just witnessed the end of Sharapova’s career like hingis’s remember her….lol

  6. she is beauty with dedication!

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