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Crisis Liga

Posted by Sports Snob on February 1, 2007

Not so Fabio Capello

What’s the deal with La Liga? Its not uncommon to have teams do badly at some stage of the season, but to have the top four play the most inconsistent football is something new. Barcelona on any other year wouldn’t have had the luxury of a lead. Their football has been devoid of the usual flair and most of their wins have been by the odd goal. More a demonstration of workmanship than skill. But to their advantage the rest of the league has been equally bad. At the moment, Real cant buy a win and have internal strife to boot. The only news emanating from the Bernabeu has been either about Fat Ron or Beckham’s Millions. Fabio Capello seems to have lost the plot and his football gives new meaning to the word Siesta .

Valencia, who until this week were the ‘form’ team lost away to Betis and fell further back from the leaders. But they look the most composed among the teams in the top half of La liga.

Juande Ramos

Sevilla, this season’s revelation finally put an end to a disappointing start to 2007 with a win against Levante. They seem to have a lot of momentum but will their bubble burst? Juande Ramos has been a contender for the coach of the year. To take a selling club like Seville to the top of the totem pole takes some doing. They have not made heavy weather of their high profile departures- Ramos, Baptista and Reyes to name a few and have dismantled some big clubs in the league with some fantastic football.

All this means that even Atletico Madrid have a good chance of sneaking in and winning the league come this June. All depends on how the clubs play in what will be the Business end of the season!



4 Responses to “Crisis Liga”

  1. Kesavan said

    Whatever happens, Atletico don’t have a chance. They can’t even win at home.

  2. V said

    Yeah Kesavan. I dont think they are consistent enough. BUt its just comical they even stand a mathematical chance of making it….

    I remember Valencia a few years ago having a terrible first half. But they played well when it mattered and Rafa took home the league title…

    The League starts Now!

  3. Valencia beat Atletico 3-1 😛
    Morientes *2…Mista missed a sitter for Atletico though…

  4. Good information once again! I am looking forward for your next post:)

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