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Sri Lankan series: An unnecessary outing

Posted by Sports Snob on February 4, 2007

The upcoming Sri Lankan series is another example of bad planning by the BCCI. A series so close to the world cup with matches on featherbeds, under lights is a reflection of the mercenary attitude of the board. All they care for is finding a slot and throwing in whatever matches they can.

This series could prove to be extremely costly if any of our major players gets injured. And this, for the sake of some more money in the BCCI coffers. Even if they felt the series was essential, what is the point of holding matches under lights – no match during the world cup will be played under lights and on batting paradises- the Windies wickets are generally more slow and low with a bit of spin these days.

The argument that it gives us a chance to test out players like Sehwag and Munaf Patel under match conditions is unacceptable. The lack of form and injuries were unexpected and the schedule was drawn up a long time back. It will prove to be a blessing for Sehwag though. He has had a break from cricket though not long enough out of the team in my opinion.  But it has given him time to reflect on his game and hopefully some of the reflection will translate into reults on the field. But on the whole, I think it is a badly times series and the hope is some players will find form and no one will get injured.

Watch out for a sportsnob World cup squad…. hopefully!



One Response to “Sri Lankan series: An unnecessary outing”

  1. Kesavan said

    Sri Lanka did the right thing by resting Murali and Vaas.

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