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The best player never to play the World Cup

Posted by Sports Snob on February 13, 2007

A very very special player, one who has at most times dominated the best team in the World, one who engineered arguably the biggest turn around in the history of the sport and in one fell swoop stopped a seemingly unstoppable juggernaut, one who despite all this and much more has never been sure of his place in the team, but has delivered consistently will never play a World Cup.A travesty, something that does happen often in football, whose World Cup hasn’t seen the likes of a di Stefano or a Best or a Giggs display their wares. But it is rare that something similar is happening in cricket. The only other guy who comes even close is Justin Langer, but it can be explained by the fact that the Aussies have always had a comparative abundance of talent during his time.


Look at the players who have represented India at World Cups, lesser talents like Sadagopan Ramesh, Dinesh Mongia, Aashish Kapoor, Parthiv Patel, Chandrakant Pandit, Salil Ankola have been part of World Cup squads but never him. Ofcourse this year was not his best chance, it was the 2003 edition.

He was cruelly dropped after a dismal New Zealand tour, where everyone except Sehwag failed and he ended up with better averages than Kaif, Dada and Mongia. But in his place played Mongia, who apart from a six off Murali, just free-rode throughout the tournament.

Post the World Cup saw him in his best form, saving a test match against the Kiwis at home before unfolding in totally majestic glory down under. The Aussies had no answer for him. They won a test only when he failed. The ODIs saw even more majesty, three centuries in a week.

Now that the Indian team has been announced, all I hope for is a good performances from our boys. At the same time, an encore of his 2003-04 performances in the tours to England and Australia that are lined up would be even sweeter. VVS Laxman its upto you now to prove the selectors wrong.



8 Responses to “The best player never to play the World Cup”

  1. Subbu said

    India will surely miss him…, I would play him instead of sehwag surely…

  2. Anand said

    Well its true that he is a special player, who we could have definitely used today!!!!

  3. aussieoioioi said


    Thought I was playing noughts and crosses there waiting for you to tell me who you were talking about…..
    VVS Laxman at the very end of your long winded point, fair enough, a good player when in form.

    To be a selector they all have 25 players they want to take but 25 does not fit into 15.

    It is no good picking players ‘after’ the event either, selectors are paid good money to make well educated cricketing decisions, you know very well you are not going to agree with all their choices just as we in australia don’t agree with our selectors.
    You’ve got what you are given.

    There is only one way to change that, become a selector.

    To win a world cup however you need a lot more than just 15 players.
    A team is just that ‘a team’. The entire squad who work towards a goal, together, thinking the same things, sharing.
    The goals to a major extent are set by the ‘team’ harnesses by the management and let lose by the players.
    It’s not rocket science.
    I had a lot to do with John Wright, who I consider to be an exception to the rule.
    Greg Chappell is a weaklink in your structure and will be gone after the WC – my assumption.
    You need to start with a home grown coach and ‘team’ leader one who understands and more importantly knows how to get the best out of the selected players, all thinking as one.
    Until that happens then you are going to be running in the same tram lines as all the others, to win the WC you need to have your own clear tram lines so that you can run fastest without interruption.
    John Wright was an exception, you need to find your own exceptional telented leader.

    I have issues regarding money and dedication of players – for another day maybe!

    May cricket rule!

  4. Smart Alec said

    yeah tend to agree with that. Saw a similar article at cricinfo i beleive. But VVS has defenitely mised the bus and then how did the indian fan miss him.

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  6. thanos said

    i aggrree with thta also

  7. great job, go on man.

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