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Sania Mirza moves into Round 2 of the Australian Open

Posted by Sports Snob on January 16, 2007

Women’s Singles – 1st Round
Olga Savchuk UKR 3 5

Sania Mirza IND 6 7


Sania Mirza beat Olga Savchuk of Ukraine to advance to the second round of the Australian Open. If she moves to the third round, there is a potential matchup against the Swiss Miss, Martina Hingis.

Anybody for Mirza in the 3rd round? If yes, can she beat the Swiss Miss (whom she might meet)? How far in the tournament will Sania go?

Nice article about Sania and Anna Ivanovic finding fitness to improve their power.

Quote of the day- “The heat in Australian tans you. You can feel the sun burning your legs during changeovers. In Hyderabad, the sun isn’t that hot. I don’t know if it’s the ozone or whatever.” – Sania


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Sania defeats Hingis!

Posted by Sports Snob on September 28, 2006

Sania Mirza has just defeated Martina Hingis in the second round of the Hanso Korea Open in Seoul. Mirza defeated Hingis 4-6 6-0 6-4 and avenged her defeat in last week’s Sunfeast Open in Calcutta. In Friday’s quarterfinal, Sania will face doubles specialist Virginia Ruano Pascual of Spain.


Hingis is now ranked number 8 in the world and this definitely has to be Sania’s biggest victory of her career. Sania’s career is now starting to resemble the perfect sine curve. Just when people were starting to write her off as a one-season wonder, she seems to have picked up her form and after a semifinal appearance in Calcutta looks set to progress far in the Korean Open.

This victory should do wonders to both her confidence and her ranking! We all know what Hingis is capable of and beating her can be no easy task. If Sania can keep herself injury-free for one or two years, she can possibly work towards becoming a real contender at the grand slams. (barring the French obviously)

It has to be said that the people at Sportsnob are huge fans of Sania for a number of reasons and hopefully she will give us a lot of things to write about!




Sania Mirza lost to Virgina Ruano Pascual 6-7 6-4 6-7 in the quarterfinals of the Korean Open. The match was bound to be tough. Pascual is a tough and experienced campaigner. Pity she couldnt go through. The fact that the third set went to a tie-breaker shows how close she got.
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Sania Mirza: Poster Girl, Overhyped media star or more?

Posted by Sports Snob on August 10, 2006


First Indian Sportswoman on Time South Asia’s cover; WTA Newcomer of the Year, 2005; Round 4 of US Open 2004; Winner Girls doubles at Wimbledon 2003; Media darling and THE TRUE MEASURE OF POPULARITY: had a fatwa issued against her.

That was 2005. The world of sport is unforgiving and most fans have the memory spans shorter than a goldfish. Great champions have been seen to come back after breaks, after brilliant seasons and struggle like ordinary mortals. Things change quickly. Borg found out when he took a break, Ferrari found out last season: you need to keep working, keep improving because sooner rather than later, someone is going to figure you out.

Sania Mirza is discovering that this season. She has had a terrible year, especially at the Grand Slams: Round 2, Round 1, Round 1. Yes, she has been plagued by injuries that have been recurring, a major cause for worry.

The Player…

Sania has a very powerful forehand and is a powerful hitter of the ball. Some wonderful forehand crosscourts she hits! Also, she goes for her shots at all times. This has won her matches against some very good players. She has a strong mind and an ability to dig deep and face adverse situations.

But her serve has been weak and not much work seems to have gone into it in the off-season: if I could see this any opponent would have. And as an athlete, she needn’t necessarily be in the class of the Williams Sisters (very few are). But she seems to be struggling for pace on the court and seems to lack stamina, a drawback for Leander in his early years. Agassi, at 30, was training in the heat in the mountains to help him in the Australian Open. Now, that’s the kind of commitment you need to display to be at the top of your sport.

To a certain extent, there seems to be a feeling that beating a top ten player once or twice is a huge achievement. But then, champions don’t think that way. They know they belong and display that through their performances.

She has passion for the game which is essential but not sufficient. Sania is figuring out the hard way that being a media celebrity is one thing (hard as even that may be). But professional sport is a whole new ball game.

…And More

The perfect poster child: young, good looking woman from a minority community? The woman who will aid the growth of tennis popularity in India? Or will she be more: a consistent winner on the world stage, a top ten ranker on a regular basis? The next two years will tell whether Sania means as much business on-court as the business she generates off it.

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